30 Vegan Snacks That Will Make You Drool

vegan snacks

Snacking is essential in a healthy diet, so what are some vegan snacks that you can still enjoy?

Vegans can eat most snacks, just with a few alterations. In fact, most snacks you see are either entirely vegan or have alternatives that are just as good. You might not know how many snacks are vegan.

Many think that vegans need to limit themselves in terms of diet. -And that’s just simply not true. Almost every regular snack is, or can be vegan.

Here’s a full list of snacks that you might not consider vegan. While all of these have vegan variations, not all are. You must make sure that a product is vegan before purchase. I provide many links to resources that help you determine which snacks are vegan on the list. So watch out for those!


vegan Chips

Chips are a fantastic savory snack. You can eat them with dipping, at lunch, or even at parties. Chips are everywhere we go, so it’s no surprise many don’t want to let go of that snack when switching to a vegan diet. Luckily enough chips are often vegan, just not all.

Brands with exotic flavors such as Doritos are rarely vegan, in fact, only one flavor is. See that specific flavor in this article. -Although other more natural brands as Kettle actually has many options available.


Dates vegan snack

Dates are actually a sort of fruit, so it goes without saying that it’s vegan. Even though it’s technically a fruit, it’s wildly different than many others. Dried Dates are so sweet and delicious that it’s often hard to distinguish from real candy.

You can use dates in almost everything. Salads, spreads, baked goods, you name it. In addition to being a great alternative to other sugary snacks. In fact, dates are 7% pure fiber!

Replacing dates with various sugary items will keep you feeling satisfied for much longer.

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

The household classic, peanut butter, is 100% vegan. You will rarely encounter any peanut butter with animal products. After all, peanut butter is simply crushed up peanuts and little to nothing more.

It’s one of the best examples that vegans don’t need to compromise. The most delicious foods, such as peanut butter, out there are vegan, right off the bat. -As you may know, you can use this nut butter for almost everything. Maybe except for salads.

It’s especially a great substitute for regular butter which is not vegan. You can see 12 more examples of butter substitutes here.


Chocolate vegan snack

Chocolate is traditionally made with milk. Not surprising as the most popular chocolate is actually called milk chocolate. So it’s not always a vegan snack. Although it’s entirely possible to make vegan chocolate.

So companies are starting more to accommodate the vegan lifestyle. By making their chocolate dairy-free. It’s great for vegans as well as lactose intolerant. -In fact, almost 65% of the world is lactose intolerant, so most people should opt for the dairy-free regardless if they are vegan.

Rice Cakes

Rice Cakes vegan snack

Whether you are on a diet or just love a very mild tasting snack, rice cakes are just what you want. -But can vegans really eat rice cakes?

Most regular rice cakes are entirely vegan. The main issue with rice cakes in the vegan diet is many of the more exotic flavors can have animal products. It’s usually listed in the ingredients under the label natural flavor. So simply avoid this or opt for vegan branded rice cakes.

You can read more about how to avoid non-vegan rice cakes in this article. There are some great tips for which hidden ingredients to be aware of in there. Or take a look at my favorite 100% vegan rice cakes here.


Pancakes vegan

Pancakes are typically made with cow’s milk, which inst vegan. That may be, but vegan milk is becoming more and more available. So you can easily make your own vegan pancakes, by merely replacing regular for vegan milk.

Almond milk works especially well in this regard. While that’s true, you still need a little caution at restaurants or store-bought pancakes. They most often use regular milk, but it’s not rare to find vegan pancakes either.

It’s most likely easiest to make your own. You can purchase a vegan pancake mix and add some plant-based milk. Have a look at my favorite vegan pancake mixes for more information about the topic.



You may not know this, but vegans can eat cookies as well. In fact, it’s a rather popular vegan snack, as you can make them just as good as the regular. -Or even just buy them. Many brands have vegan versions of their best cookies.

There are really very few food items that you can’t enjoy as a vegan. If you have not tried vegan cookies, you might be skeptical of the taste. After all, regular cookies are loaded with animal products.

Take my word for it, you will not be able to tell the difference.



Plain and salted nuts are always vegan. It’s an incredibly healthy and natural vegan snack in small amounts. Though, I cannot stress the importance of the small amounts enough.

Nuts contain many essential nutrients and can in moderation, help with weight loss and other bodily functions. They are, however, very high in calories. So larger quantities will definitely contribute to weight gain over time.



Raisins may be amazing, but they are nothing more than dried grapes. So it goes without saying that plain raisins are entirely vegan. Thus, it’s a perfectly healthy and vegan snack as long as you go for the plain.

Just make sure that it’s not manufactured in the same facilities as other eggs or dairy containing products. That can leave trace amounts of animal products on your otherwise vegan snack. -Read more about raisins in the vegan diet here.

Hard Candy

Hard Candy

Granted, not all hard candy is vegan, but there are plenty of vegan options. The main issue is that many hard candies contain natural flavor or gelatin. Two ingredients that are both derived from animals. So we don’t want that.

Opt for hard candy that is branded as vegan. Or otherwise, read the ingredients and avoid those ingredients. To be fair, they are not certainly from animals, it’s an umbrella term that includes many elements.

So if you want, you can contact the company and ask if they use animal products.



Not the healthiest of snacks, but delicious regardless. -And the big reveal, they can be vegan. Granted, it’s not commonly a vegan product. Although it’s maybe one of the easiest vegan desserts to make.

Many brownie mixes require nothing more than water, a cup and a microwave oven. That’s a recipe that even I can follow. In fact, I have a list of vegan brownie mixes that are all delicious and easy to make. -Some protein brownies!



This may be the most apparent vegan snack, I could think of. It’s delicious and healthy nevertheless, so it still deserves a spot. Most fruits are naturally low in cholesterol, sodium ad calories. All things you may avoid for various reasons.

One fruit snack I especially like is cut apples with cinnamon sprinkled on top. Cinnamon, in combination with apples, adds a taste that is similar to baked goods. -And cinnamon even improves insulin sensitivity, which can prevent diabetes and help you lose weight.



Popcorn can both be unhealthy and non-vegan. Although that’s only because of added flavors and fats, which are not necessary. Popcorn can be amazing, also without butter and all of those artificial flavors.

Plain popcorn corn is always vegan. It’s merely corn, so that’s no surprise. Microwave or flavored popcorn, on the other hand, often have animal products. Be it butter or other animal fats. -You can read all about how to choose vegan popcorn here.

-Or read my list of the 10 best vegan popcorn brands out there.

Energy Bars

Energy Bars

Energy bars are an amazing snack, and my favorite is definitely Clif Bars. Not only do they offer loads of flavor and nutrients, but they are also vegan. Yes, most Clif Bars are 100% vegan, but not all.

You need to avoid their protein bars, as well as some others. View the full list of vegan Clif bars right here. Here you can see which are vegan and what to avoid.



Skittles are everywhere, luckily vegans don’t need to avoid these. Some variations of Skittles are neither suited for vegetarians or vegans, but most are vegan.

In fact, it used to be that most Skittles were not vegan. However, the recipe was changed some years ago to accommodate vegans better. As well as others, who may want to avoid animal products.

Vegetable Sticks With Dip

Vegetables Sticks With Dipping

Snacks don’t need to be unhealthy, at least. As I have already shown with many examples on this list. In fact, most of your snacks should be healthy. After all, snacking is an important aspect of your diet.

-A little something between meals helps to keep you satisfied and prevents overeating. If you want a healthy vegan snack, you should try vegetable sticks with dressing. It works for everything. Carrots, Kale, Peppers, you name it.

Make yourself a dipping bowl with your favorite flavor and dip away.



Most licorice is typically not vegan. That’s due to the use of gelatin, which is an ingredient derived from animals. Mainly used to add structure and texture, to foods, such as licorice, gummy bears, and other candy.

However, there is plenty of vegan licorice that you can buy. -And it’s quite easy, you merely need to avoid gelatin. The easiest method is to purchase products labeled as vegan, which many are.

If that’s not the case, look for the ingredients gelatin and natural flavor. These are two common non-vegan ingredients in candy.


Chickpeas vegan snack

Chickpeas are a healthy option compared to similar snacks such as chips. They have the same features such the crunch and different flavors. You can get chickpeas in many flavors, but my ultimate favorite is the wasabi chickpea.

It’s wasabi peas fried horseradish, sugar, and some salt. Of cause, these ingredients are all entirely vegan. It’s an amazing vegan snack if you love spicy foods, and it’s even fairly high in protein.

Trail Mix

Trail Mix vegan snack

Trail mix can be pretty much anything. So it goes without saying that you can make or buy your own vegan trail mix. Some mixes have chocolate, which is not always vegan, so you need caution there.

However, there are plenty of things to put in a vegan trail mix. Raisins, peanuts, cashews, or even vegan chocolate. I recommend adding a lot of fried fruits to up your dietary fiber intake.


Mints mentos vegan

Whether you want a fresh breath or just something to chew on, there are mints. It’s an especially perfect vegan snack if you want to lose a bit of weight. That’s because mint can suppress hunger.

I’m not saying that you should actively suppress your hunger. You should eat when you are hungry, but it also works to satisfy your sweet tooth. So mints can actually aid in weight loss, just don’t starve yourself.

Many mints do contain either gelatin or natural flavor. That’s two ingredients you need to avoid, as they are from animals. Brands like Mentos do have vegan mint options, so it’s not at all hard to find.


Hummus vegan snack

Hummus is definitely a vegan favorite. At least it’s a favorite of this vegan. It contains many healthy fats and lots of it, as well as high protein content. All that while being incredibly delicious.

Spread it on toast, use it as a dip, the possibilities are limitless. Almost all hummus you will find is entirely vegan. Some exotic flavors may not, so maybe have a glace at the ingredients just to be safe.

Dried Fruit

Dried Fruit vegan snack

There is a reason most candy is fruit-flavored. It’s the best flavors out there. Candy is such a favorite because of high sugar content. -And it’s not just sugar, it’s white refined sugar.

Dried fruit has the sweetness of candy and the fiber of the fruit. That means that the sugar is absorbed much more naturally than refined. It happens because fiber slows down the breakdown of sugar, and thus, reduces sugar spikes.

So dried fruit makes you feel satisfied for much longer and helps you from feeling low overeating later on.

Granola Bars

Granola Bars

Granola bars are considered the perfect snack food for many. It’s mainly made of oats and nuts, so it goes without saying it’s a healthy vegan snack. -But one common sweetener is honey.

Many granola bars have honey as a sweetener but fear not. It’s entirely possible to make and buy vegan granola bars. They just use other sweeteners instead of honey, such as brown sugar. Or any sugar for that matter.

Protein Bars

Protein Bars powder

Most protein bars use whey protein derived from dairy. So not all bars are vegan, but many of them are. You merely need to opt for protein bars that use vegan protein sources such as rice protein.

There are plenty of brands that make vegan protein bars. One of them is Orgain, who has many interesting flavors. One of them is their S’mores flavored protein bar.

Graham Crackers

Graham Crackers

Graham crackers are yet another healthy vegan snack. They are typically higher in fiber than other crackers, some of them have honey. It was traditionally used as a sweetener, and many brands still use it.

However, honey is not necessary, so there are vegan options available. In fact, there is an article about which graham crackers are vegan and what to avoid.

Wheat Thins

Wheat Thins

Wheat Thins is a brand of crackers. It’s a healthy option of crackers, as it’s much higher in fiber than others. -However, not all flavors are vegan.

The original kind is entirely vegan, but most others are not. So opt for the original or read the ingredients thoroughly. Here are all of the ingredients you need to avoid in Wheat Thins.



Applesauce may not be the most popular snack, but maybe it should be. It comes with a lot of health benefits. There’s a compound in apples called pectin, which aids against stomach issues.

The way applesauce is produced increases the amount of pectin. Thus, you can expect incredible stomach pain reliefs from adding a little applesauce to your diet. Remember, it also helps to prevent these issues.

It’s merely a mixture of apples and certain spices, so it’s typically vegan. You can read more about which kinds of applesauce are vegan here.


vegan Marshmallows

Granted, marshmallows are not always vegan. Many of them contain a small amount of gelatin, which is not vegan. While that’s true, you can easily buy vegan options.

There is no inherent need for gelatin in marshmallow and other candies. So there are plenty of vegan options such as Dandies or Trader Joes. Go for any of these brands if you are craving a sugary vegan snack.


vegan Cereal

Cereal may seem like a breakfast more than a snack. That’s true, but it’s still a great vegan snack once in a while. It tastes amazing and is often high in fiber. Some even have added vitamins and proteins.

Far from all cereals are vegan, and there are quite a few common things you need to avoid. Some added vitamins and flavors have large or trace amounts of animal products. You can read all about what you need to avoid in this article about Kellogg’s Rice Krispies.

Welch’s Fruit Rolls

You might not know this, but Welch’s fruit rolls are entirely vegan. That’s actually quite awesome as many popular candies use gelatin. Fruit rolls, on the other hand, are free from this. As well as other problematic ingredients.

This extends to all flavors. So whether you are in the mood for strawberry or tropical punch, Welch’s has got your back. Just note that not all of their products are vegan, only the fruit rolls.

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