About Me

Hello! I’m Gus. 

I’m a passionate vegan nutritionist and I believe that the vegan lifestyle is optimum for both health and environmental concerns. I believe that one can not only survive on a vegan diet, but thrive. This blogs aims to help spread the vegan and vegetarian lifestyle, so you can achieve your peak health.

This blog covers many of the most common questions asked by vegans. Including ethical, environmental and dietary concerns you might have. 


The goal of Vegan Peak is to make information concerning veganism more available. By answering the common questions that many vegans face. Issues as which foods, clothing, and equipment are vegan. As well as general guides and tips about the lifestyle.

I firmly believe that one of the significant reasons the vast population isn’t vegan is due to a lack of knowledge. People simply think that the vegan lifestyle is harder than it is. Thus, I want to show the world that the vegan lifestyle is more humane, sustainable, and healthy.

My Background

I have been a vegan for quite some years now. I became interested in the diet and lifestyle due to my work as a nutritionist. So I started taking more vegan oriented clients. -This taught me a whole lot about the vegan diet, as well as the ethical principles. 

However, it also showed me that not many people know a whole lot about veganism. Many thought it to be much more tough than it really is. In fact, that’s why I started this blog.

What Makes Vegan Peak Different

Vegan Peak is all about long detailed articles. I don’t just answer your questions with simple no or yes answers. I seek to go the extra mile and give you the whole story every single time. The exact things you need to avoid and what not to. -As well as the reasons why. I try to give a full perspective every single time. 


Do you want to contact me? You can ask me anything, I would love to answer any questions you might have. Whether it’s questions about the vegan lifestyle or this blog. You can contact me at the following E-mail. Gus@veganpeak.com Looking forward to hearing from you!

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