Are Graham Crackers Vegan And Vegetarian? This One Is

are graham crackers vegan

Crackers are delicious and often vegan, but are graham crackers vegan and vegetarian?

Graham crackers are traditionally made with honey. As a result, many brands use honey as an ingredient, but many use vegan replacements. So graham crackers are not always vegan, but it’s effortless to find vegan kinds.

Vegans need to avoid any graham crackers with honey. That’s because honey is considered animal cruelty, and also has some environmental issues.

Both vegans and vegetarians need to avoid natural flavor. While it’s not always synonymous with meat, it can include anything from vegetables to eggs, or even meat.

Vegetarians can have honey, so they only need to avoid natural flavor. Or better yet, contact the company to ask what the ingredient includes in that product.

While many graham crackers are vegan, not all are. So read along and learn everything you need to know. Including a list of which popular graham crackers are vegan.

Are Graham Crackers Typically Vegan

Vegans cannot have any products that are of animals. So this includes not only meat itself, but also items such as leather, honey, or eggs. That means that vegans, need to avoid graham crackers that have this. So are graham crackers typically vegan?

Graham crackers are unique because of their sweetness and use of graham flour. That’s the only two things necessary to give a cracker that name. So graham crackers can be vegan, but far from all are.

Many brands use non-vegan ingredients such as honey or flavor enhancers. Honey being the most common non-vegan ingredient.

Although many graham crackers have honey, it’s actually quite easy to find vegan versions. That’s because the sweetness of honey is easy to duplicate. Many brands simply opt for sugar artificial sweeteners.

So many traditional recipes for graham crackers may be vegan, but it’s effortless to find vegan alternatives.

Typical Ingredients In Graham Crackers

There are so many versions of graham crackers available. Thus, it’s not easy to which ingredients are normal and which are not. Simply because even the biggest brands use wildly different ingredients.

Although one very popular graham cracker is the Keeber Graham Original, so let’s take a closer look at those ingredients.

Keebler Grahams Original Ingredients

are Keebler Grahams Original vegan

This is one example of common ingredients in graham crackers. That being said, this is not the ingredients of all. So note that ingredients differ from other brands.

The ingredients in Keebler Orginal Crackers show that it’s entirely vegan. It does have some parts that seem a bit worrisome such as Molasses. However, all the ingredients in this product are entirely vegan.

Not All Graham Crackers Are Vegan

Even though many graham crackers are vegan, not all are. Mainly because many brands use the traditional ingredient of honey.

Another famous graham cracker is Honey Maid. -As the name suggests, that’s one of the brands that use honey. Nevertheless, here are the ingredients.

Honey Maid Graham Crackers Ingredients

are Honey Maid Graham Crackers vegan

Most ingredients are the exact same as vegan kinds. Although there’s one major concern of this graham cracker. That being the honey. In fact, all other ingredients than honey are actually entirely vegan.

For one, the artificial flavor is vegan as well. Despite the name which can cause some concern in vegans. Artificial flavor is nothing more than chemical mixtures that together mimic some sort of taste.

-So don’t let artificial flavors scare you away, from otherwise vegan crackers.

However, the Honey Maid Graham Crackers do contain honey, so it’s not vegan. Honey is seen as animal exploitation, as well as the environmental issue.

Which Graham Crackers Are Vegan

Graham Crackers BrandIs It veganNon-Vegan
Honey MaidNoHoney
Keebler Graham Original YesNone
365 Cinnamon Graham CrackersNoHoney
Pamela’s Graham CrackersNoHoney
Trader Joe’s Honey Graham CrackersNoHoney
Annie’s Organic Honey GrahamsNoHoney
Annie’s Bunny GrahamsNoNatural Flavor

Keep in mind, these are just some of the many brands out there. Some of these brands might even have vegan versions. These are simply the most popular graham crackers, and whether or not they are vegan.

You are sure to find vegan options out there. Simply avoid the ingredients as listed in the non-vegan section of this table.

Determine If Graham Crackers Are Vegan

Many graham crackers are entirely vegan, but it’s essential to know what to avoid. It may seem rather simple to avoid animal products, in foods as simple as graham crackers, but it’s not always.

Many snacks that seem vegan use flavor enhancers or other sketchy ingredients are derived from an animal. One very tricky ingredient is the natural flavor.

Avoid Natural Flavor

Natural flavor is a ubiquitous ingredient found in snacks. -And many other foods for that matter. Although it seems innocent, it’s not up to no good.

Natural flavor is a broad term that can include many different items. Some innocent, such as fruit juice or even vegetables. Others are not just as innocent, such as eggs, meat, and dairy.

So you can’t know whether or not a product with natural flavor is vegan. It can be at times, but it’s often not. Your safest bet is to avoid the product altogether or contact the company.

Natural Flavor

Non-Vegan Ingredient

Sometimes they can tell you what the natural flavor includes. -But they often don’t, so don’t set your hopes too high.

Avoid Honey In Graham Crackers


Honey is really the major concern of graham crackers. It’s rare to find any versions that use other animal products, such as eggs or dairy.

Honey is a non-vegan product for two reasons.

Natural Pollinators

The act of beekeeping may seem beneficial at first glance. The reason being that many believe that more bees mean more pollination. That’s true to some extent, but it does have some adverse side effects.

Natural pollinates compete for resources, and introducing bees artificially harms the environment’s natural balance. Meaning artificial beekeeping can wipe out the natural pollinates and result in less pollinators overall.

Animal Cruelty

Another just as important point towards not eating honey is animal cruelty. While beekeeping doesn’t necessarily mean harm, it stresses the bees.

Queens are artificially inseminated, which is highly unnatural. While the other bees are constantly under stress from their honey being taken. That has been proven to introduce stress in bees. -After all, they count on their honey to survive the winter.

Are Graham Crackers Vegetarian

Vegetarianism is a diet that excludes animals. Although this only extends to eating the animal itself. Foods from animals are suitable for vegetarians. Meaning foods such as eggs, dairy, or honey.

Graham Crackers are almost always entirely vegetarian. Many graham crackers contain honey, but that’s entirely vegetarian, as it’s not an actual animal. However, some flavored crackers may use natural flavor, which can contain meat.

So you are not very likely to encounter any non-vegetarian graham crackers. Though some flavored options may have meat. -So make sure to steer away from any broad ingredients such as natural flavor.

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Many of the most popular graham crackers contain honey. That means that they cannot be considered honey since honey is from animals. In fact, honey has a wide range of complications that include both suffering and the environment.

So any traditional graham crackers with honey are off-limits for vegans. Although vegetarians can have most graham crackers. However, it’s not always safe to simply assume. Some crackers do have natural flavor which often includes parts of the animal, such as meat.

So both vegans and vegetarians need to make sure that natural flavor is not present. Or better yet, contact the company and ask what the natural flavor includes.

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