Are Bananas Gluten-Free (Vegan and Vegetarian?

are bananas gluten free

Gluten can sometimes be tricky to avoid, since it’s in so many foods, but are bananas gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian?

Bananas are entirely free from any trace of gluten. That means that even the most gluten intolerant can have bananas without any issues. Gluten is a protein in grains and starches which bananas are not. They are quite a healthy snack for people adhering to a gluten-free diet. Even banana chips are mostly gluten-free, although some brands are not. However, vegans and vegetarians need to make sure their bananas are organic. Many banana farmers use bacteria-fighting sprays made from crab shell, which are not vegan nor vegetarian. Although, that problem is easy to overcome. Buy your bananas organically, to avoid this.

So that’s excellent news for people adhering to a gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian diet. It means bananas themselves are suitable for all these diet groups, but there are still some things to be aware of.

Gluten in Bananas

Gluten is a common issue for many, especially in recent times where a gluten-free diet is on the rise. Many see significant improvements in their health and well-being from a gluten-free diet. Although the benefits of the gluten-free diet are still up for discussion. After all, gluten is simply a form of protein in wheat products and more. Despite this, many experience benefits. Thus, it’s crucial to adhere to this diet if you are one of these people. That leads one to question many foods in the diet, including if bananas are gluten-free.

Are Bananas Gluten-Free?

Luckily for everyone either gluten intolerant or on a gluten-free diet, bananas are gluten-free. That’s because banana is a fruit, and gluten is not present in fruits. The only foods that contain gluten are starches and grains. However, the question is still valid, as many foods contain products where gluten is present. Luckily, all whole foods like fresh fruits and vegetables don’t contain gluten. So what foods have gluten?

These are the most common grains, and starches that have gluten.

  • Wheat
  • Wheat germ
  • Rye
  • Barley
  • Bulgur
  • Couscous

In case you adhere to a gluten-free diet, these need to be avoided. But as you can see, these are only grains and starches. Many foods have these, but whole foods like bananas do not. Something like rice cakes are therefore gluten-free, which is amazing.

Are Banana Chips Gluten Free

Whole bananas are gluten, but prepared snacks like banana chips are not always. That’s because some banana chips have flavorings and fillings that have gluten. But that’s not the norm. Usually, banana chips are very natural compared to other snacks. Below is an example of common ingredients in banana chips.

gluten free banana chips

Bananas, coconut oil, sugar, banana flavor

Sincerely Nuts Banana Chips

This ingredients list shows that these banana chips are very simple. Simplicity is often key when you need to avoid some specific ingredient. This specific brand is especially great as it says that it’s gluten-free. That’s great for the gluten-intolerant as it can sometimes to difficult to find gluten-free vegan snacks, like chips. In comparison, only one flavor of Doritos chips is gluten-free.

Always read the ingredients list to make sure no gluten products are present. But also make sure that they are not packed in the same, or produced on the same production line. That ensures that you get banana chips that are free from even a trace of gluten. -Also, note that banana chips are not entirely healthy; they are just without the gluten.

What are bananas made of?

Bananas are certainly without any trace of gluten. But what are bananas made of when it comes to its nutrients? Bananas are very healthy for everyone, including gluten-free diets, vegans, and vegetarian. Let’s have a look at the nutrients of Bananas according to the USDA, and why these are so healthy.

  • Only 90 calories in a whole banana!
  • Water is 74.91%
  • Protein is 1.09%
  • Fat is 0.33%
  • Carbohydrate is 22.84%

Many essential minerals and vitamins accompany these. One is potassium which is 362mg in a small banana. That’s one mineral that helps with many health issues and gives sustainable energy throughout the day. It also has plenty of Vitamin C, which helps to strengthen your immune system.

So there are plenty of reasons to eat bananas, even on a gluten-free diet.

Are Bananas Vegan?

are bananas vegan

Yes, bananas are completely vegan in most regards. It’s a praised food for many raw vegans because it aids with energy throughout the day. It’s also much more densely packed with nutrients than many other fruits and vegetables.

However, there can be some issues with bananas on a vegan diet. That’s because sprays that fight of bacteria are not always vegan. According to ScienceDaily, the banana industry often use sprays made from crab shells. These sprays are used for their abilities to stop bananas from ripping. It’s great for the industry but still a form of animal exploitation. Thus, these bananas are not vegan.

There’s still a way to get around this. Buy bananas that are grown organically without the use of sprays like these. That ensures that your banana is 100% vegan, as the banana itself is entirely vegan.

So can safely eat some bananas or even make it intoa vegan banana bread, if you do that.

Are Bananas Vegetarian?

Bananas are mostly vegetarian. The major problem of bananas in the vegetarian diet is sprays used in the industry. Banana farmers use sprays made from crab shell. That does not need to be an issue, as long as vegetarians don’t eat the actual spray. After all, vegetarianism is only concerned with not eating animals.

The animal contaminated spray is only used on the peel, which means that vegetarians can eat bananas. However, it’s not possible to guarantee that some trace does not find its way into the meat. That’s also why many bananas have labels as “non-safe for people with shellfish allergy.”

However, you can always do as vegans. Buy organic and make sure that no animal sprays are on your produce. That’s the safest method of making sure your diet is entirely vegetarian.


Bananas themselves are entirely gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian. They are even quite healthy for all these diet groups. It’s a whole fruit densely packed with essential nutrition, but there are some things to consider.

Vegans and vegetarians need to make sure their bananas are free from animal sprays. Vegans cannot have any bananas that use these sprays, while vegetarian cannot have the spray itself. Meaning vegans need to opt for organic products only.

Vegetarians can most likely eat the sprayed bananas since only the peel contains the spray. However, all diet groups need to make sure their banana chips are right for your specific diet.

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