Is Twix Vegan And Vegetarian? (Why You Should Not Eat It)

is twix vegan

They may be one of the most popular candy bars, but is Twix vegan and vegetarian? -Should you really eat them?

Twix is not vegan because it has both dairy and palm oil. Dairy is non-vegan as it’s derived from cows while palm oil has a wide range of adverse environmental effects. This goes for all Twix, including both milk and dark chocolate.

Vegetarians can technically eat Twix because it’s entirely free from animal flesh. Although there are some practices and environmental issues with it. So it depends on the reason why you are vegetarian.

There are way more healthy and humane options available for both diet groups. Read along as I go through each of the ingredients in Twix and for a delicious alternative.

Ingredients In Twix

Twix is by far, one of the most popular candy bars in the world. With over 161 million Twix bars sold each year. So it’s no surprise that vegans and vegetarians are asking themselves if they can have this candy bar.

To determine which diet groups Twix is suitable for, we need to identify the ingredients. -And it’s not by any means a short list of ingredients. So let’s go through the more sketchy ingredients.

Milk Chocolate (sugar, Cocoa Butter, Chocolate, Skim Milk, Lactose, Milkfat, Soy Lecithin, Pgpr, Artificial Flavor), Sugar, Enriched Wheat Flour (wheat Flour, Niacin, Reduced Iron, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Palm Oil, Corn Syrup, Skim Milk, Dextrose, Less Than 2% – Salt, Cocoa Powder, Soy Lecithin, Food Starch-modified, Baking Soda, Artificial Flavor. 

Mars Chocolate Confectionery

These are the ingredients of Twix as written on the maker’s website. So you know that these are the most relevant and reliable ingredients. At least in the US. -Ingredients can differ from countries, so be aware of that.

I have highlighted the ingredients above that are derived from animal sources. -As you can see, Twix has quite a few ingredients that are not plant-based or non-vegan.


Dairy is an umbrella term for anything that comes from milk. It’s also just known as milk products, but it’s the same thing.

Twix is very high in dairy products. One is milk chocolate. While chocolate can be dairy-free, as it’s from a bean, milk chocolate is not. Milk chocolate is made using milk, not surprisingly, so it’s a dairy product.

Other dairy products include skim milk and milk fat. In fact, high amounts of those milk-containing products. So you want to avoid this if you are either lactose intolerant or on a vegan diet.

Palm Oil

Palm oil may not be an ingredient you think about a lot. After all, it’s not an animal product in any way. Although palm oil does have many environmental impacts, that you may want to know.

Reports find that over 300 football fields are bulldozed to make room for palm oil products every hour. It may sound like a typo, but it’s true. Over 300 football fields every single hour, just for the production of palm oil.

Thus, it’s considered a non-vegan product by many. Not all vegans even think about this issue, but many do. So whether it’s vegan or not depends on your beliefs.

Although most vegans may want to limit their palm oil consumption at least.

Is Twix Vegan

twix bar

Now that we know the exact ingredients of it’s time to determine whether or not Twix is vegan.

Twix is not vegan because it contains many dairy products and palm oil. Dairy is not vegan because it’s derived from cow’s milk. While palm oil is considered non-vegan due to the adverse environmental impact.

Firstly, Twix has a lot of dairy products which are non-vegan ingredients. That’s because the keeping and milking of cows are considered inhumane. Industry practices make it so that cows are not, and cannot, be milked humanely.

Palm oil, on the other hand, may not be derived from animals, but it’s considered non-vegan by many. That’s because palm oil takes up enormous amounts of land and expends every minute.

That’s bad for the environment, but also animals.

Whether you are vegan for environmental or ethical concerns, palm oil has adverse effects for both. Bulldozing large areas of land every minute destroys natural habitats and wipes out animals in the process.

So vegans cannot eat Twix as it’s high in dairy and contains palm oil.

Is Twix Vegetarian

Vegetarians don’t eat anything from the flesh of animals. So that means no meat or animal fats, but it also means they can eat eggs and dairy. So what about Twix?

Twix is vegetarians because it’s without animal flesh. It may have loads of dairy, but that’s entirely suitable for vegetarians. So vegetarians can eat Twix, but there are some reasons why you shouldn’t.

Vegetarians do definitely have some sympathy for animals, and that includes the well-being of animals. So you may want to opt for candy bar options that use more humane milk. Such as milk from grass-fed cows.

Palm oil may also be an issue for you. Since many animals are wiped out in the process of producing it. However, it solely depends on the reasons why you are vegetarian.

Vegan And Vegetarian Twix Alternative

Twix may be a popular candy bar, but it’s far from the best, in my opinion. Although it’s a very long time since I ate one. So who am I to say.

However, as a vegan, you probably won’t be eating Twix anytime soon. So you need another chocolate bar. I recommend that you try a Clif bar if you have not tried it yet. They have many different flavors, and most are incredible.

It’s an energy bar, so they also offer real nutrition. Much more than you can ever get from a candy bar like Twix. That’s also why they are a little more pricey.

Most Clif bars are entirely vegan, with a few exceptions. View this list of vegan Clif bars if you want to try one.


Just don’t eat too many at a time, as they are fairly high in calories. Not as high as Twix but not far from either.

Twix is not vegan in any regard. They contain large amounts of dairy and have palm oil. That’s two ingredients that are not considered vegan due to their inhumane practices.

Vegetarians, on the other hand, can have Twix, as it’s free from animal flesh. Dairy and eggs are entirely suitable for the vegetarian diet. -And there are no other hidden ingredients present that would make them non-vegetarian.

Although both groups may want to opt for more humane options.

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