Is Fish Sauce Vegan, Gluten-Free And Vegetarian?

is fish sauce vegan

Fish sauce works wonders for many Asian dishes but is fish sauce vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free?

Fish sauce is not vegan as it contains fish. The distinct flavor of fish sauce comes from the fermentation of fish, but not the fish itself. Although it does always have some amount of fish, so it’s not vegan.

Vegetarians cannot eat fish sauce either. That’s because fish are considered animals, and vegetarians cannot have any animals. -Although the pescatarians can have all fish sauce varieties since they also consume fish.

The gluten-free vegans need caution. Fish sauce is typically vegan, but sometimes it has some amount of wheat. That’s problematic as wheat has gluten. -So opt for one of the gluten-free options.

Ingredients In Fish Sauce

Firstly, we need to identify the typical ingredients of fish sauce. There are many different recipes for fish sauces. They all use different ingredients that are still very much the same.

For example, the salt in fish sauce can be many different salts. That might not sound like a big deal to you, but it makes a big difference. So while fish sauces are very different in taste, most ingredients are essentially the same.

There are also differences in which fish are used and so on. Although all fish sauces are made of fish. Otherwise, it’s merely not a fish sauce. However, there are many vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free fish sauce options available.

Is Fish Sauce Vegan

The vegan lifestyle involves the exclusion of all animal products. The reason being that any product derived from an animal is considered cruel. After all, inhumane practices are rampant in the industry. The same goes for seafood items.

Fish sauce is not vegan as it contains fish, just as the name suggests. Although the taste comes from the fermentation, rather than the fish itself, it’s still fish. So vegans cannot eat fish sauce as it’s made with animals.

However, it’s possible to make very similar cruelty-free products. That’s because the distinct taste comes from the fermentation rather than the fish. So it’s entirely possible to make similar sauces from cruelty-free ingredients.

Are you a vegan looking for a vegan fish sauce substitute? Well, you are in luck. There are plenty of vegan fish sauces available at Amazon, as the Fysh Sauce. -Take a look at this particular fish sauce that I have used myself.

Is Fish Sauce Vegetarian

Vegetarians cannot have any meat or similar products. It’s a diet that commits to not eating animals. Although products from animals are entirely vegetarian. So is fish sauce vegetarian?

Vegetarians cannot eat animals, and this includes fish. So regular fish sauce is not vegetarian in any way. In fact, it’s the same reason that vegans cannot have fish sauce. It’s due to fish being used in the production.

Although fish sauce can be vegetarian. Mind you it’s not your regular fish sauce as that always contains fish. Vegan or vegetarian fish sauce, on the other hand, is available many places online. Including this vegan fish sauce on Amazon.

Is Fish Sauce Gluten-Free

Gluten is a protein most commonly found in wheat. Although it’s present in a wide range of different foods. Although gluten is merely a protein, many opt to avoid it and see many benefits. Some are gluten-free due to intolerance, and others simply do it as a health concern. -So is fish sauce gluten-free?

Fish sauce is typically gluten-free. Although it’s not safe to assume that all fish sauce is gluten-free, as some contain wheat.

So the gluten-free, for whatever reason, need to read the ingredients. Otherwise, you could be eating gluten without even knowing it. This is a big deal for the intolerant as even small amounts can cause many ill effects.

You also need to make sure your fish sauce is not produced alongside gluten products. That’s essential as otherwise trace amounts can be present. It might not be a big issue for all gluten-free, but the intolerant in particular need to show caution.

Read the ingredients, or opt for fish sauces listed as gluten-free. Take a look at this gluten-free fish sauce from Red Boat. -That’s definitely the safest choice.

Is Fish Sauce Pescatarian

Pescatarians are much like vegetarians. They cannot eat any animals but with one distinct difference. Pescatarians can eat fish. Many believe this to be the optimum for health due to the healthy fats of fish. Although it’s still debatable.

Fish sauce consists of fish, but no other animals, so it’s entirely pescatarian. So you can safely buy any kinds of fish sauce if this diet applies to you. However, you might as is all fish sauce pescatarian?

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Most definitely all fish sauce is pescatarian because the only animal is fish. So there is no need to buy special products in this regard. Pescatarians can choose between all available fish sauces.


Fish sauce always contains fish, so it’s not suitable for vegans. Although I encourage you to buy a vegan fish sauce substitute. They have a very similar taste, and just add a lot of flavor to Asian dishes. -The gluten-free and vegetarians also have many options available. Just not the regular fish sauce. Have a look at Amazon or other online stores as that’s definitely the easiest and safest place to buy from. – You know exactly what you get.

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