Is Calcium Carbonate Vegan? (Vegan Supplements)

is calcium carbonate vegan

Calcium Carbonate is definitely the best and most pure calcium supplement out there, but is calcium carbonate vegan?

Calcium Carbonate supplements are typically entirely vegan. Although it’s not always, as many have additional vitamins and minerals. While all minerals are vegan, not all Vitamins are. Vitamins such as D3 most often come from an animal.

It can be made artificially, but it’s usually derived from animals. So you need to make sure you buy a 100% pure vegan calcium carbonate supplement. Otherwise, you could face the risk of buying animal products.

So is calcium carbonate important for vegans? Many vegans are actually deficient in calcium, as they don’t eat dairy. That can have many adverse side effects, such as less dense bones, or improper nervous-system function.

So vegans can definitely benefit from this supplement. I even take one myself, scroll down to see the vegan calcium carbonate supplement I use myself.

What Is Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate is a supplement used to up your intake of calcium. Although the supplements seem somewhat artificial, it’s actually a naturally occurring mineral. It’s derived from various rocks, and then made into supplements.

It’s an essential mineral for the human body to function correctly. Although many people actually get far too little calcium in their diet. Thus, many opt to take a calcium carbonate supplement and see many health benefits.

In fact, you need a calcium supplement if you are not able to get enough through your diet. Otherwise, you will experience a wide range of symptoms. People suffering from calcium deficiency have less dense bones, which increases the risk of fracture.

Some can even become so deficient their muscles can’t work properly. That’s a big issue considering your heart is a muscle as well. -So make sure to get enough calcium every day.

Is Calcium Carbonate Vegan

Calcium is vastly vital for vegans, as many lack this mineral but is calcium carbonate vegan?

Calcium carbonate is a naturally occurring mineral found in rocks. So most of the supplements are entirely vegan. Although it’s not always that easy to identify rather or not your calcium carbonate supplement is vegan.

Many supplements add additional Vitamins or minerals. Added minerals are rarely an issue in the vegan lifestyle. Although many Vitamins such as D3 is often derived from animals. It can be made artificially, but it’s most often not.

So opt for vegan calcium supplements that are simple. Choose the kinds that are a calcium supplement alone, without any added Vitamins. That ensures that your supplement is entirely vegan, as it’s merely a mineral.

Benefits Of Calcium Carbonate

The benefits of calcium carbonate are significant. One thing is that you decrease your risk of calcium deficiency. This can leads to increased risk of bone fracture, nerve, and muscle-related issues. -Including the heart.

So taking a Calcium Carbonate ensures you don’t become deficient. Although there are also additional benefits on top of that. Having enough calcium in your body means you have denser bones and a well-functional nervous system.

  • Improves Nervous System
  • Improve Muscle Function
  • Healthy Heart
  • Dense Bones
  • Less Risk Of Bone-Fracture
  • Improves Teeth Health

So as you can see, that’s some substantial benefits. Especially vegans are exposed to calcium deficiency, so either supplement or get enough calcium in your diet.

Vegan Calcium Carbonate Supplement

This is one of the most popular vegan Calcium carbonate supplements. In fact, I use this one myself. Not every day, but a few times weekly, just to be safe.

Vegan Calcium Carbonate Supplement

Probably the best thing about this product, in particular, is that it’s GMP certified. Meaning it’s tested positive as a natural product. Every aspect of the production is examined to make sure no impurities are present.

That’s actually vastly important as quite a few supplements have issues in this regard. I cannot tell you how many times I have read about supplements that were busted for using improper production methods. -So this product ensures you don’t suffer from any ill effects, and that it’s 100% vegan.

Vegans Need Calcium Supplements

Calcium supplements are not entirely life vital for vegan. Meaning you can get all the calcium you need through diet. While that’s true, it’s also true that many vegans experience calcium deficiency throughout their lives.

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That’s mainly because many vegans don’t drink or eat fermented foods. Most dairy products are fermented in some way. It’s naturally rather high in calcium, but Vitamin D, as well as calcium, is often added. So it’s no surprise many vegans often lack this mineral, as they don’t eat dairy.

However, it’s easy to get dietary sources of calcium. Foods such as tofu and soy drinks are naturally high in calcium. Although it’s still the safest option to take a vegan calcium supplement ones in a while.

Are All Calcium Supplements Vegan

All pure calcium supplements are, by definition, vegan. Calcium is nothing more than a mineral derived from rocks. It’s a naturally occurring mineral, just like salt. Vegans can eat all pure calcium supplements, although not all are pure.

Some calcium supplements have added vitamins. Not all vitamins are vegan, so that’s something you need to look out for. While all vitamins can be made vegan, many of them are derived from animals.

So make sure your calcium supplement is entirely vegan. You can do this by avoiding certain Vitamins, such as Vitamin D3. -Or otherwise, buy 100% pure calcium supplements. This ensures purity, and that it’s vegan.


Calcium carbonate supplements are mostly vegan. You simply need to opt for the more pure options. The ones that don’t have any additional Vitamins. That’s great as vegans often need a little more calcium. You can most definitely benefit from a vegan calcium supplement once in a while. -Or maybe even daily, depending on how much dietary calcium you consume.

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