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Are Vitamins Vegan? (Supplements, diet)

Vegans have a tendency to deficient in certain vitamins, which begs the question are vitamins vegan?

Yes, all vitamins can be vegan, but not all are. Many vitamin supplements are made from animal products because it’s cheaper. However, there’s plenty of vegan substitutes for all kinds of vitamins, meaning vitamins are vegan. You just need to be aware that many fat-soluble vitamin supplements, like Vitamin D3, are made using animal products. While others are made using gelatin. These should be avoided to adhere to the vegan lifestyle, but luckily, there’s plenty of vegan alternatives.

Here’s everything you need to know about the most critical vitamins for vegans.

Is Vitamin D3 Vegan?

Vitamin D3 can be vegan, but supplements are generally not vegan since they are sourced from animal products. It’s a fat-soluble vitamin that’s only present naturally in very few foods apart from animal products. Although vitamin D3 supplements are usually made from animal products, they can be produced using certain types of fungus. This means that vegans and vegetarians can take vitamin D3 supplements as long as they are cautious. Most are not vegan-friendly, so it’s crucial to make sure before purchasing.

Other vegan methods of getting enough vitamin D3 are getting enough sunlight or even using tanning beds that emit 2-6 percent UVB radiation. However, as most are aware, tanning beds are prone to increase the risk of skin cancers. Thus getting real sunlight is both more safe and healthy in terms of getting enough vitamin D3. Getting enough sunlight decreases your risk of Vitamin D3 deficiency since the vitamin is produced by the body when exposed to sunlight.

Vegan Vitamin D3

There’s plenty of vegan D3’s out there despite a large number of non-vegan supplements. I recommend the following Vitamin D3 supplement because it’s free of animal products like Lanolin and Bovine. Vitamin D3 in this supplement is derived from Lichen a sort of fungus. It’s also more effectively absorbed than other alternatives as it’s enhanced with coconut oil. This increases absorption since vitamin D3 is a fat soluble vitamin, meaning it needs fat optimal for absorption.

vegan d3

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Is Vitamin b2 Vegan?

Vitamin B2 is vegan since you can get it from whole-grain or supplements. Most b2 supplements are made using vegan-friendly products. Although you need to make sure your specific vitamin B2 supplement is vegan as it’s often made from animal products. Though, it should be noted that vegan is not especially prone to being B2 deficient. There’s no inherent need for vegans or vegetarians to take B2 supplements as it can be obtained through diet. The vitamin is especially high in vegan foods like legumes or whole-grain products.

Vegan Vitamin B2

This specific Vitamin B supplement consists of much more than just B2. It contains B2, B6, and even vitamin B12. It’s an excellent choice for a vegan vitamin supplement if you need more than only one Vitamin B type. It’s more effectively absorbed than many other vitamin B supplements, and it has an emphasis on being natural and animal ingredient free. However, it’s a little pricey compared to others.

organic supplements

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Is Vitamin b6 Vegan?

Yes, vitamin b6 is vegan because it’s produced naturally in many fruits and vegetables. That being said, many vegetarians suffer from a Vitamin B deficiency. One study found that 28.8 percent of vegetarians suffer from a Vitamin B deficiency, while only 4.4 percent of non-vegetarians suffer from this deficiency. This clearly indicates that vegetarians are at a higher risk of deficiencies, although the rate of vegan vitamin B6 deficiency is undetermined. Vitamin B6 deficiency symptoms include skin rashes and a weakened immune system. Thus it’s essential for both vegans and vegetarians to be aware of this risk. Vegan sources of Vitamin B12 include:

  • One Medium Banana is 20% of the daily recommended intake
  • One Cup of Potatoes is 20% of the daily recommended intake
  • One Cup of Bulgur is 10% of the daily recommended intake

Vegan Vitamin B6

This is a great choice for B6 supplementation if you are on a budget. Or just want to save a few bucks, as we all do. It’s vegan certified by the American Vegetarian Association (AVA). Additionally, it’s gluten free and every bottle is guaranteed high quality. That’s especially important when buying vegan products. Since we don’t want any quality issues that might include even a trace of animal products.

vegetarian b6

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Is Vitamin B12 Vegan?

This particular vitamin is most probably the most discussed vitamin concerning the vegan diet. That’s because Vitamin b12 is mainly found in animal products. However, the notion that vitamin B12 can only found in animals is wrong. It’s a water-soluble vitamin produced from bacteria, meaning it can be created without any animal exploitation.

Our ancestors were able to get enough vitamin B12 through their drinking water, as it was not cleaned. Today, all water is cleaned of bacteria that produce Vitamin b12, meaning you need to take a supplement. Meat eaters have no need to take Vitamin B12 supplements. That’s because animal products often contain some amount of vitamin B12. However, this is not due to animals producing Vitamin B12, but instead that animals are fed this as a supplement. Animals also drink cleaned water, so they are artificially fed Vitamin B12.

So vitamin B12 is vegan as it’s produced by bacteria and can be obtained without animal exploitation. But you need to take a Vitamin B12 supplement if you are not eating animal products as otherwise, you will be deficient. Vitamin B12 deficiency causes a reduced number of red blood cells leading to chronic tiredness among other symptoms.

Vegan Vitamin B12

Don’t you like taking pills? Well, then this is a great vegan Vitamin B12 supplement for you. Mykind Organics spray contains 500 mcg of Vitamin B12. That’s more than 8000% of the daily recommended intake. -Don’t worry, you won’t suffer any ill effects from this amount, on the contrary.

Mykind Organics spray is made of real organic foods. And it’s proven since it has been certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan and Gluten Free. Also, it’s quite a reasonable price! Even compared to other Vitamin B12 supplements.

are vitamins vegan

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Is Vitamin E Vegan?

Yes, Vitamin E is absolutely vegan and is present in many foods. There’s no need for vegans to take a vitamin E supplement when eating a well-balanced, healthy diet.

In case you need a supplement you should know this. Many vitamin E supplements are vegan. But it’s still important to make sure no animal products are present. Many Vitamin E supplements include components such as gelatin which is not vegan. So, it’s crucial that you avoid these.

There are plenty of natural vitamin E sources. Especially nuts and spinach are high in Vitamin E with one cup of hazelnuts containing almost 70% of the daily recommended intake. While one bunch of spinach contains roughly half the recommended intake for a day.

Vegan Vitamin E

As with the supplements above this Vitamin E is vegan-friendly, both content and capsules. It contains sunflower oil, which is needed for proper absorption since Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin. The bottle contains 90 capsules, and each capsule delivers 1333% of the daily recommended intake. A great choice if you need vegan Vitamin E at a reasonable price.

are vitamins vegan

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Some might argue that the vegan diet is inherently deficient in some vitamins. But that’s not actually true. Vegans can get all the essential vitamins they need using a healthy diet and some supplementation. Almost all vitamins with one exception can be obtained in a vegan diet. Vitamin B12 is one that cannot be obtained through diet, but that’s simply due to sanitary concerns. This vitamin is created by bacteria which we remove. While the only reason meat eaters get a proper intake is due to animals getting supplements or essentially dirty water.

However, it can still be a challenge to get all the essential vitamins. Thus supplementation is often a great idea. In case you believe you’re deficient in a vitamin or just want to up your intake, it’s the best choice.

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