7 Global Benefits Of Veganism | Nr. 7 Might Save Humankind

global benefits of veganism

Here are 7 global benefits of veganism, that could end up saving the planet.

The health of our planet is in crisis, and we need to make a change. One group that makes a big difference is the vegans. Vegans help the global environment in many ways, including less water and land use.

Also, more immediate dangers, such as bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics. These are just some of the ways vegans help save the planet, on a global scale.

And humankind for that matter!

Less Water Waste

Global Benefits Of Vegetarianism

Vegans use much less water than meat-eaters on average. Of cause, this depends on how much eat is consumed by the meat-eaters, but vegans produce much less water waste in most cases.

One pound of beef takes approximately 2,400 gallons of water to produce, while one pound of tofu only takes 302 gallons, for the same amount. Although, this doesn’t take into account, the difference in calories, which is quite important.

Some meat-eaters say that meat may take more water, but it also contains more calories, so it’s essentially the same water use. That’s not at all the case, let’s do the math.

  • 1 pound of beef has around 1,143 calories and takes up 2,400 gallons of water.
  • 1 pound grams of tofu has around 333 calories and takes up 302 gallons of water.

Gallons Of Water To Produce 1 Calorie Of Beef And Tofu

  • 1 calorie of beef takes 2 gallons of water to produce
  • 1 calorie of tofu takes 0.9 gallons of water to produce

Remember that this is measured in calories. Many meat-eaters consume a few hundred grams of beef in a day, but very few vegans eat a full pound of tofu. Vegans usually get their calories from many different sources.

However, this does show us that beef takes more than double the water to produce, even when calories are taken into account. -Besides, tofu is much healthier than meat.

Save Animals

vegan global benefit save lives

This is kind of an obvious one. One major global benefit of veganism is that it saves animals all over the world. Not only do vegans not eat meat, but they pollute less. So this means that fewer habitats are destroyed, which means fewer animal lives are lost.

Besides, vegans don’t actually purchase products where animals are used. This alone saves animals, but they also use less land. -See further down the article.

Some animals are bound to suffer from mankind’s land use. Whether it’s soy or beef production, there’s always some animals that come to harm. It’s merely a downside of feeding so many people on a global scale.

However, land use may cost some animal lives, but it’s still much less than the amount that suffers from the animal industry. -And there are a few reasons for this, let’s see them.

Less Land Use Save Lives

Less Land Use Save Lives

Both meat-eaters and vegans eat vegetables and crops. After all, we all need something to survive, but don’t think vegans use the same amount of crops. Vegans may be plant-based, and thus you think they consume a lot of crops, but that’s not the case.

Vegans consume much less crops than meat-eaters, but how can that be? Animals take a lot of food to feed and grow. Just think about how big a cow is, that thing consumes a lot of food. In fact, the wast amount of land for crops is to feed the animals.

It makes a lot of sense. It wastes an immense amount of calories first to grow the crops, and then feed it to animals. After all, animals do spend a lot of calories, just as we do, so it’s no surprise a lot of calories are lost this way.

Some say animals have more calories and thus we need less to eat. However, they forget that one pound of beef takes a lot of calories just to produce. They need calories to live and grow, which wastes a lot.

It would be much more beneficial to simply eat the crops ourselves, and remove the wasteful middleman of meat.

Vegan foods can also be rather bad on the environment, such as almonds. Did you know that almond milk may not be vegan? Read the article about that, right here.

Vegans Reduce Deforestation

Vegans Reduce Deforestation

It’s a proven fact that vegans account for less land use than meat-eaters, and that includes deforestation. This report from fern.org, finds that 70% of the world’s deforestation is due to deforestation, whereas the biggest sinners are beef, soy and palm oil.

Most vegans do consume some amount of soy. So does that mean that vegans are some of the biggest contributors to deforestation? Not at all.

Vegans may consume soy, but most soy is actually used to feed animals. So that means that beef uses the most land, and the food it’s fed with comes in second. Vegans don’t consume any amount of beef, so veganism does have global benefits, in this regard.

Palm oil is another major contributor to deforestation. Many vegans consume palm oil, but many choose not to. So vegans who follow the lifestyle and also exclude palm oil really do make a difference to the global environment.

Bees Kill Other Pollinators

Bees Kill Other Pollinators

We all know that pollinators are important, and for this, we have bees. But are bees really the only pollinators we have? Far from it. In fact, some studies show that bees actually account for less pollination than other pollinators.

Vegans can’t have honey, and that’s something that’s produced by bees. You may think that honey production increases the number of pollinators, which is kind of true. The issue is that bees are introduced artificially, and that’s not sustainable.

Pollinators compete for resources. Bees use this to produce honey, for example. -And if artificially placed bees do all the pollination, they get all the nutrition. In return, the natural pollinators starve and are wiped out, in the thousands.

So eating honey, and using bees in this way, can actually reduce the number of pollinators in the long run. It seems like a contradiction, but it’s not.

Vegans Save The Ocean

Vegans Save The Ocean

Our oceans are dying. They are filled with all kinds of pollution, including plastic and outright toxic chemicals. In fact, it’s so bad that we can actually measure it in humans. By taking samples of humans pee, we find that the amount of toxic chemicals is increasing. In our bodies!

One thing is us humans, but another is the fish. The ocean is dying from human exploitation of aquatic life. Fish and other sea animals are scooped up, in an effort to serve fish on the plates of us humans.

However, not only the fish we eat are harmed. Many fish and other sea life are worthless but scooped up nonetheless. Although, as it’s worthless, it’s discarded as trash. -And the sea life suffers from this, with many of them dying, and their natural habitat being destroyed in the process.

Besides, many fish go instinct from this method. Even some larger animals are scooped up, like sharks and similar. They cannot be taken back to the bay as it’s illegal to sell them. However, it doesn’t matter, because they are often killed in the process. Regardless of regulations.

Vegans Could Save The Humankind

global benefits of vegans

Treating animals well makes them much less profitable. So the industry needs a method to keep them relatively, healthy but without the extra cost. That’s where antibiotics work wonders for the animal industry.

Antibiotics works well on animals because it removes any disease. Or at least it’s able to hold it down, a lot. However, the issue is that bacteria can evolve to become resistant towards antibiotics.

The reason antibiotics work for us humans is because it removes bacteria. That’s because bacteria don’t have a proper defense mechanism, to protect itself, against this. Although, it’s the only drug to get rid of bacteria and infections. So it’s very important.

However, the rampant use of antibiotics in the animal industry increases the risk of bacteria to grow resistant. Once that happens, humans will be essentially without any drugs to cure themselves of dangerous bacteria.

It would mean that we could suffer fatal damage from diseases that seem small today. Without antibiotics, these ordinarily harmless diseases could wipe out the entire human race.

Vegans don’t eat any amount of meat, which means they don’t contribute to this in any way. As such, veganism could be the one thing that saves our planet. So that’s the final point in this list of global benefits of veganism.

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