Are Kettle Chips Gluten-Free? (Vegan and Vegetarian)

are kettle chips gluten free

Everybody loves chips, which also includes the more restricted diet groups, so are Kettle chips gluten-free, vegans, and vegetarian?

Kettle chips have surprisingly many gluten-free options. A lot compared to other chips brands. However, the gluten-intolerant needs caution as not all Kettle chips flavors are gluten-free. Only buy Kettle chips flavors from the list below, that’s 100% certified gluten-free by Kettle themselves. There are also quite a lot of options for vegans and vegetarians, but these too need caution. That’s because many flavorings contain flavor-enhancers made with animal products. Usually, ingredients listed as “Natural flavor” are animals. It’s not always the case, but this ingredient often means animal fats are present. Thus makes sure to either avoid this ingredient or contact Kettle before purchase.

So there are some options available for both gluten-intolerant, vegans and vegetarians. Let’s take a closer look at which flavors are safe and what to avoid.

Are Kettle Chips Gluten-Free?

The answer to this question should be a firm, yes, but always verify before purchasing. Kettle chips should contain only vegetable oil, potatoes, and salt. However, they may also contain traces of gluten in some cases.

Kettle chips that are processed in a factory that makes gluten-containing products may contain traces of gluten. There is always the possibility of contamination. Kettle chips that contain other seasonings may have gluten that’s used as a filler or anti-clumping compound. Before purchasing kettle chips, verify that the chips are made in a separate facility that does not contain any gluten.

If you are sensitive to gluten but do not need to avoid all traces of it, a small amount of gluten as a cross-contaminate should not be a significant concern. Always check the ingredients to confirm that gluten is not listed as an ingredient. However, when made as directed, kettle chips should be gluten-free.

Gluten-free Kettle chips

Kettle has many gluten-free chips. They have done the work for the gluten intolerant, so you can know exactly which chips are gluten-free. That’s great since it means that the Kettle chips on this list are 100% gluten-free.

These are 100% gluten-free according to Kettle themselves. Have a look at this list on their website in case you need to double check.

Can vegans eat gluten in chips?

The answer to this question may not be as simple as it sounds. Gluten is a protein present in wheat, barley, and rye. It does not come from an animal source and should be safe for vegans to consume. However, for vegans that may have celiac disease or gluten intolerance, gluten should be avoided.

Gluten is not usually present in large quantities in most brands of chips. A traditional potato chip usually contains potatoes, a vegetable oil, and salt. However, gluten may be present in seasonings, or there may be traces of gluten if the processing plant also produces gluten-containing products. Since gluten is a primary component of flour, it can easily get into the air and may contaminate other products, even after a thorough cleaning.

This means that while vegans can safely consume gluten in potato chips, other health concerns may require them to avoid gluten. Keep in mind that gluten is not an animal product and originates from plant sources. It can be found in small quantities in some brands of chips, so read the label if gluten sensitivity is a problem.

Are Kettle Chips Vegan?

Although it’s recommended to always read the ingredients before purchasing a product, kettle chips are almost always vegan. A kettle chip should contain potatoes, vegetable oil, and salt. It should not contain any dairy, eggs, or meat products. In some cases, specialty kettle chips may not be vegan for a few reasons.

The kettle chips may be cooked in animal fat to provide a different flavor profile. This fat source will be listed on the label and should be easy to read. The seasonings used in kettle chips may also make it not a vegan source. Some seasonings such as ranch may contain dairy and will make the chips not appropriate when following a vegan diet. In most cases, vegan products will be labeled with a “v” confirming that they do not contain animal products.

Which Kettle Chips are Vegan

Luckily there are some vegan Kettle chips even though many of their flavors are not. As previously said, simple flavors are usually the safest. Same goes for my favorite vegan Kettle chips.

Are Kettle Chips Gluten-Free

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What’s so great about this flavor is its simplicity. There are very few ingredients and none listed as “Natural Flavor,” which usually means animal products. So this is a safe bet for vegans who love Kettle chips. -And they are delicious.

These Kettle chips are vegan although recipes might differ in the future. It’s also essential to note that recipes can be different in other countries. However, these are vegan US Kettle chips products.

Are Kettle Chips Vegetarian?

Most kettle chips are vegan or vegetarian. The most common areas of concern are the natural flavors listed on the ingredients. These “Natural flavors” are not labeled, and they may not be from plant sources. Unless the manufacturer states otherwise, it’s always best to avoid these chips as they may contain animal products. Any potato chips with bacon, buffalo, or barbecue flavor may have animal products although not necessarily.

When following a vegetarian but not necessarily a vegan diet, there may be more options when it comes to kettle chips. Kettle chips are available in a wide range of flavors. Some flavors may contain milk products such as ranch may contain small amounts of dairy but not necessarily any other animal products.

how to tell if chips are vegetarian

When unsure whether kettle chips are safe for vegetarians, the easiest choice is to choose the plain kettle chips that only contain salt. Other flavorings may contain animal products that may not be easy to find on the label. The best way to find out if a chip is vegetarian when the label is unclear is to contact the company directly.

Most chip companies have a customer service department. They will be able to tell customers if a particular type of chip contains any animal products. This determination may be necessary for vegetarians to research before purchasing.

Sadly, Kettle chips don’t label their vegan and vegetarian chips as well as other companies. Pringles, on the other hand, have vegan and vegetarian labels. That’s not the case with Kettle, so the steps above are your best bet.


Kettle chips are one of the better brands when it comes to gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options. The brand is very good at labeling their gluten-free flavors, which makes for a more safe experience for the gluten intolerant. They also have a few vegan and vegetarian products, but these are not labeled. Thus, vegans and vegetarians need to read the ingredients list. Avoid ingredients that contain animals and especially the “Natural flavor” ingredient.

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