Are Crocs Vegan Friendly? NOT all of them

are crocs vegan

They are comfortable, inexpensive, and “look good”, but are Crocs vegan and cruelty-free?

Most Crocs, including the most popular originals and Fuzzy Crocs, are entirely vegan. They are made of a patented material called Croslite, which is a synthetic product. So most Crocs are vegan, but there are some non-vegan options, with leather, available.

The main issue when buying Crocs as a vegan is to avoid leather. Some models have small patches of leather, while others are made entirely of leather. These are not vegan and should be avoided. However, most Crocs are vegan friendly.

Are Crocs Vegan

Almost all Crocs are vegan, including the originals and most other variations. There have been many non-vegan models in the past, but they are largely vegan. The patented material Croslite, which Crocs are mainly made of, is 100% vegan. So you can safely purchase any of these.

This also includes the lined Fuzzy Crocs. They are insulated with a fur-looking material to provide extra warmth and comfort. Although, the fur used is synthetic. All synthetic materials are vegan, as it means they are not derived from an animal.

Materials need to be of organic origin if they have animal products, as animals are organic. Just like us! That being said, some options have small or larger amounts of leather, and these should be avoided.

Are All Crocs Vegan

Most Crocs are entirely vegan, but there a quite a few non-vegan models. The most popular kinds such as the originals and Fuzzy Crocs are vegan, but there are models containing leather. Some have only a small patch of leather, while others are made almost entirely of leather.

Vegans need to avoid any amount of real leather, as it’s animal exploitation. In fact, leather is the skin of the animal, and the production is in many ways more exploitative than the meat industry. Mainly because leather production is extraordinary cruel.

Some Crocs may of synthetic leather, or other materials, but this is entirely vegan. The only ones you need to avoid are the ones with actual leather.

Determine If Crocs Are Vegan

The primary material of Crocs is vegan, so these are not the issue. The main concern is whether or not the model has additional materials, such as leather. Some models have small patches of leather, or are made primarily of leather.

Here’s an example of Crocs with a patch of leather on the outside:

As you can see, it’s quite apparent that these have leather. So it’s quite easy to identify the non-vegan options, as they are very different from the originals. Another even more apparent non-vegan option is the Santa Cruz, as you can see here.

These Crocs are made almost fully of leather, making them highly unethical. Although, these are also very different from the original Crocs, so it’s easy to identify. There may be some instances, where it’s a bit more difficult to know.

Amazon is a great place to shop as a vegan. The outer and inner materials of shoes and clothing is usually stated in listings, so that’s an amazing site to find vegan Crocs. Have a look at the Crocs above to see how a non-vegan version looks on Amazon.

Are Fuzzy Crocs Vegan

Fuzzy Crocs are similar to the originals, with the difference of synthetic fur. The fuzzy Crocs are insulated with something that may look like real fur, making it non-vegan. Luckily, the “fur” used in Fuzzy Crocs is entirely vegan, as it’s synthetic fur.

Vegans can’t wear fur, wool, leather, or any such things from animals. Independent of the animal was harmed the process of removing it. All animal products are considered a form of animal-exploitation, and buying even small amounts contributes to the industry at large.

So the standard Fuzzy Crocs are vegan, but you should still be aware of the special kinds. Some of them may have a small leather patch, which is not vegan. So stick to the regulars, or simply read the materials list before purchase.

What Are Crocs Made Out Of

Crocs are made of the patented material Croslite, which is a sort of plastic. Croslite is a synthetic material that contains various functionalities. It’s made for maximum cushioning, anti-bacteria, and is non-toxic.

So Crocs are made of Croslite, which is made of Resin. Although resin can be derived from organic sources, this is not the case, for Croslite. Meaning the primary material is 100% vegan.

Crocs make many different kinds of shoes nowadays, some of which are not vegan. Avoid any obvious non-vegan Crocs sandals, or other footwear, such as the ones with leather or fur.

Vegan Crocs

Buying vegan Crocs is easy. All you need to do is avoid leather and other animal products, which can be done by buying the originals. However, there are many copycat Crocs in circulation, and it’s not possible to say with these.

I assume that most of the copycat brands are vegan, as why would they add animal products to the mixture? However, these brands are not as transparent about their materials, and I can’t promise that these are always vegan.

So always buy from reputable companies, such as Crocs themselves. That’s the safest choice when buying vegan Crocs. Here is an example of original Crocs which are guaranteed vegan.


Crocs is largely considered a vegan product, so it may come as a surprise to some, that many of their models are not vegan. Luckily, the most popular options are entirely vegan as long as you buy from a reputable company.

An easy way to identify vegan from non-vegan is to use Amazon, or simply look at the images and see if there is any leather present. Even small patches of leather are not considered vegan, as even these contribute to animal-mistreatment.

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