Is Wool Vegan? (Do Vegans Use Wool?)

Is wool Vegan

Being vegan means you need to revise many things in your daily life, including the question is wool vegan?

No, wool is not vegan because it’s derived from an animal. Wool is cut from sheep, and thus no animals are unnecessarily killed during this process. However, it’s still a form of animal exploitation despite being less cruel than others. Sheep are kept in confinement, force bred and exploited in various ways for their wool. Because of that, no kinds of wool can be considered vegan, although some types are more ethical than others.

Various people’s lifestyles include aspects like diet, dressing, leisure, hobbies, and exercise among others and these are mainly influenced by their cultures. For instance, Vegans have a unique lifestyle that they derive from their own philosophy of life. If you are new to Veganism and you want to know more about their lifestyle, you should read through this article.

Why Can’t Vegans Wear Wool?

Established in 1944, The Vegan Society consists of members who subscribe to the principle of veganism which shapes their lifestyle. Veganism is a philosophy that seeks to exclude any form of exploitation of animals by man. In this case, exploitation includes the use of animals as a source of food, hunting, work-related tasks, clothing or any purpose that can benefit human beings.

In other words, humans must find other alternatives that are animal free to fulfill their developmental needs. The Vegans believe that no component of any animal should be used by human beings in pursuit of their lifestyle desires. Any form of use of animals either direct or indirect amounts to cruelty and it is not advocated.

Like any other group of people, the Vegans have their way of dress, music, values, attitudes, food and many more. All the members who belong to this group should desist from engaging in any practice that will be viewed as causing cruelty to animals.

Is it OK for Vegans To Wear Wool?

From their philosophy, it becomes very clear that Vegans should not wear any clothing derived from animal products. There are different types of products that are made from wool obtained from the sheep. Some of these products range from hats, jackets, gloves and other clothing specifically for cold weather.

As long as the product consists of wool that comes from sheep, the Vegans should not wear it. According to their philosophy, harvesting wool for clothing purposes is another form of exploitation of animals. However, some may argue that the process of collecting wool from the sheep does not involve any cruelty since it does not involve loss of life.

Can Vegans Wear Wool?

The Vegans are compassionate about any form of treatment of the animals especially if it benefits humans. The members who belong to this group firmly believe that animals just like people also have the right to life and live without interference from human beings. In other words, animal life is just as important as human life according to Vegan beliefs.  

Some sheep are bred specifically for the purpose of producing wool that is used in the manufacture of clothing items. This practice alone amounts to cruelty since the sheep are confined to excessive heat that is produced by the growing wool. When the farmers harvest the wool, they also leave the sheep with near bare skin and are exposed to different weather elements.  

Instead of wearing the clothing made of wool derived from sheep, the people who uphold the principle of Veganism should find other alternatives. However, there are other easily sourced alternatives to wool and these can go a long way in protecting the animals against cruelty.

There can be some grey areas with regard to wool clothing for the vegans but their culture prohibits them from using such items. For any product they use, the general rule is that it should not come from any animal no matter how small it may be. This rule applies to all items that can be made from animal products apart from wool only.  

Just like any other group of people, the Vegans have their way of life that is shaped by their culture and values. The major notable aspect of people who belong to this group is that they are against any form of animal use that will benefit humans. No animal product can be used for clothing purposes by any member of this group.

Is Acrylic Wool Vegan?

Yes, acrylic wool is essentially vegan as it’s produced from synthetic fibers. Meaning no animals are harmed in the process of making acrylic wool. Great news for vegans as it means you can wear products made from only acrylic wool.

However, not all acrylic wool is completely vegan. This is because some products made from acrylic wool include some amount of regular wool, which is not vegan. So, it’s important that you are sure that your products are made of only acrylic wool with no real wool added.

Vegan Wool Alternatives

So, vegans cannot use regular wool in accordance with their vegan beliefs. This begs the question if there are any vegan wool alternatives. There are some vegan alternatives to regular wool, but it depends on its use. The following list consists of vegan alternatives to wool that are also eco-friendly and made without harmful materials. Such as plastic etc.

  • Hemp
  • Linen
  • Polyester
  • Acrylic
  • Nylon

These materials are completely vegan as they are produced either artificially or from plants. However, a products often contain some amount of these materials alongside other non-vegan materials. Meaning you need to make sure if your purchase is without animal cruelty even though it contains some vegan materials.

Is Wool Vegetarian?

Yes, wool is vegetarian since vegetarianism is more of a diet than a lifestyle. Vegans strive to reduce unnecessary suffering as much as possible, while vegans simply don’t eat animals. Therefore it’s more of a diet choice than a lifestyle, meaning vegetarians can wear wool and still adhere to their beliefs. Wool doesn’t kill the animal despite its obvious exploitation issues. Nevertheless, no animals are killed or consumed in the process, and thus vegetarians can wear wool.


In as far as wool is concerned; Vegans should not wear any product that has traces to the sheep. Whilst others may argue that wool production from sheep does not involve cruelty or cause physical pain as in slaughtering, the bottom line is that it comes from animals. Anything that is associated with animals has no room in the lives of the Vegans so they cannot wear wool. 

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