Is Sourdough Bread Vegan? Here’s the Rundown

is sourdough bread vegan

Sourdough bread is hands down my all-time favorite bread, but is sourdough bread vegan typically?

Sourdough is merely a mixture of water and flour. That makes it a 100% vegan product in itself. Although sourdough bread is not always vegan.

Eggs or dairy can be present in sourdough bread, although not commonly. However, eggs are often used on top of the bread to add more color. While some bread is cross-contaminated with animal products, because of the production facilities.

So it’s by no means a given that sourdough bread is vegan. Some are while others have either large or tiny amounts.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients that make up sourdough bread and what to avoid.

Ingredients In Sourdough

There’s actually a distinct difference between sourdough and the bread. Sourdough is not a kind of bread, it’s something you add to bread. So how is that?

Sourdough is a mixture of water and flour. That can be most flours, although some flours are much more useful than others. The yeast and bacteria present in flour work together when mixed in water. When left for some time these react together, and organisms grow in the mixture.

That might sound a little off-putting, although it’s actually the same bacteria that give yogurt its sour taste and creamy texture. So there are only two ingredients in sourdough itself, and these are the following.

  • Flour
  • Water

So as you can see, sourdough is not as complicated as some might have you believe. All you need to make your own is water, flour and time. Let it sit for 12 hours, to a week, and you have yourself some perfect sourdough.

Is Sourdough Vegan

Now that we know what sourdough consists of it’s time to see whether or not sourdough is vegan.

Sourdough itself is simply a mixture of water and flour. Meaning it’s an entirely vegan dough. There are no animal products whatsoever. So even though bread can have eggs or dairy, the sourdough itself is 100% vegan.

Although sourdough gets it’s unique taste and texture from living organisms, it’s safe to call it vegan. At least I have never heard of any vegans that are against the use of growing bacteria. -So, yes, sourdough is vegan.

Is Sourdough Bread Vegan

Sourdough is simply a dough you add to any bread. You can make many different types of bread into sourdough, as long as you have the dough. You could make anything, from regular bread, to bagels, so is sourdough bread vegan?

It highly depends on the particular bread. While most breads are entirely vegan, without any eggs or day, some have it. These are typically the ones you buy in a grocery store or any special kind of bread.

Grocery store bread is often cross-contaminated with eggs. This happens because the bread is produced alongside egg-containing products. While some bread just has eggs in the ingredients, although it’s not the norm.

Bakery bread is typically without eggs or dairy. Although egg is often used on top of bread to add color. So that’s one major issue.

Another is special kinds of breads, that can have eggs. Thus you need to ask your local baker-shop to be sure.

Typical Ingredients In Sourdough Bread

Here are the most common ingredients in sourdough bread. You might notice that it’s very similar to regular kinds of bread. -The reason being that it’s the exact same thing, solely with sourdough added. Also, note that these are just the common ones.

  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Oil
  • Flour
  • Sourdough

While these are common ingredients, bread can be made in many ways. It’s most likely one of the most diverse foods. You can find so many different recipes, and sadly, some of them contain animal products.

Non-Vegan Ingredients in Sourdough Bread

These are some of the possible non-vegan ingredients in sourdough bread. Although I will say, these are not common. However, that’s what you need to avoid.

  • Eggs
  • Dairy

Ask your local baker if any of these are present, or read the ingredients. -That will ensure that you get neither eggs or dairy in the bread. I need to stress that you cannot simply assume sourdough bread is vegan. Many options are not vegan, for whatever purposes.

Is Sourdough Bread Always Vegan

While most sourdough bread is entirely vegan, not all are. It’s a possibility that some of them have eggs or dairy. Either in the actual dough or added on top while baking to add color. So it’s not safe to say that all sourdough bread is vegan.

Whether you buy at a bakery or grocery store, you need to ask. -Or otherwise, read the ingredients label. Avoid any indication that dairy or eggs are present.

Sometimes bread is made in the same facilities as eggs or dairy products. That’s problematic for vegan, as it can lead to cross-contamination. However, luckily enough, this is always listed on the product. See the examples below.


Example 1



Example 2

These are just examples. Although you will not likely see something similar if it’s the case. So steer clear from any of these labels.


Sourdough itself is entirely vegan. It’s a mixture of flour and water, with no animal products. Although sourdough bread is a little different. You can technically make non-vegan sourdough bread, and so can bakeries. Some might have animal products in the dough or produced on the same production lines as egg-containing products. Meaning you have to make sure every time you try a new kind of sourdough bread. However, most sourdough bread you will find is 100% vegan.

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