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5 Vegan Yoga Mats That Are 100% Eco-Friendly

There are a few things you need to consider before buying vegan yoga mats, but this article has some excellent examples.

Yoga mats are not always vegan as many of them contain either plastics or dangerous chemicals, which is bad for the environment and you. It’s important to pick a vegan yoga mat made of eco-friendly materials, which also offers non-slip and protection from the hard surface of your floor.

So I have collected a few great examples of yoga mats that are eco-friendly and offer everything a great mat should have. These all contain non-slip, vegan materials, and are entirely without animal products, such as leather.

5 Best Vegan Yoga Mats

Anja Eco Organic Yoga Mat

This vegan yoga mat may just be the classiest mat I have ever seen. Not only is the design simply beautiful but it also offers you exactly what you need of a mat, and more. The materials are environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable.

This means that the product won’t ever end up on trash island and never degrade. Unlike regular plastics and PVC that almost never leaves our environment. So the materials themselves makes it the perfect choice for the eco-friendly vegan.

So what is this vegan yoga mat actually made of? It’s made of organic fibers and free from any harmful chemicals, which is otherwise rampant in these products. Moreover, it smells less chemically than other brands.

The materials also offer more support during your yoga sessions and last longer. Many cheap mats with loose their no-slip abilities after a few uses, but not this one. Thus, this mat is definitely the winner of this list.

Manduka Yoga Mat

This is a favorite among many, but the price tag means it’s not for everybody. This yoga mat costs around a $100 for one, which is quite a lot. However, you do get immense quality for the money you are spending. So let’s talk about the advantages of this one.

It’s eco-friendly and produced in a factory that’s emission-free. So not only are the materials vegan, but the production too is environmentally friendly. The high quality materials of this vegan yoga mat also means it’s free from dirty chemicals. That’s good for both you and the environment.

Yoga is physically hard, so you are bound to sweat, which can build up bacteria. Not this mat. It’s resistant to sweat meaning that build up of bacteria won’t happen, as the sweat just falls off.

Lastly, the price may be high, but you won’t ever have to buy another yoga mat. It has a lifetime warranty, meaning you can actually use this the rest of your life, guaranteed. So is it worth the extra money? Well, it depends how often you use it. The price does however mean it gets a second place, instead of first.

IUGA Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

Being vegan is about so much more than simply avoiding animal products. In fact, many switch to the lifestyle for the environmental reasons. Not eating animal products just so happens to help the environment. Others, maybe like you, do it for both reasons. -And this vegan yoga mat is definitely perfect if that’s you.

Of cause, it’s without the use of animal products, but that’s actually not what’s so cool about this yoga mat. The amazing thing about this one is that it’s made of eco friendly materials.

It’s made of a newly patented material called TPE, thermoplastic elastomer foam. Which is a new product that’s much better than the regular PVC or NBR yoga mats. -And it’s also priced very reasonably.

Besides, you can have the mat in many different beautiful colors and patterns. There’s even a flowery one with an elephant. Have a look through the link above, where you can also see the current price.

PIDO Yoga And Pilates Mat

This vegan yoga mat is also made of TPE, the eco-friendly material from before. -And to be honest, I actually like this design a little better. It has a simple and classy design that I really like, although that’s just my preferences. Especially the brown is my favorite, but they actually have quite a few options available.

There are more than 10 different colors and patterns to choose from, last time I checked. So you should diffidently have a look at them, you may find something you like. So what about the qualities of this vegan yoga mat?

Well, the materials are made to be sticky to the floor, so that you want suffer accidents. Or simply slip on the floor, during a yoga session, which can completely ruin your workout. It’s also made to be extra thick, this giving you additional protection from the hard floor.

Psst.. You also get a bag for your mat when your purchase this.

SatoriConcept Cork Yoga Mat

This one is a little different, but an amazing vegan yoga mat. You may have seen that cork has become popular in recent times. I once wrote an article of vegan wallets, and the work wallets on that list are quite popular too. Not only is cork environmentally friendly, but it looks sleek in almost anything, the same goes for yoga mats.

The top is made of cork while the bottom is of natural rubber, meaning it offers much more than a 100% cork yoga mat would. In fact, the cork is mainly for display here. Although you can feel the cork when you lay on it. It’s not a bad thing, but a little different.

As with other vegan yoga mats, it does what it has to. Protects your body from the hard surface, while not making it too soft, so you can still do your exercises. The rubber bottom also makes it anti-slip. So although the appearance is different, the qualities are the same.

It’s diffidently a yoga mat that is bound to turn heads while you walk into the studio.

Are Yoga Mats Vegan

Yoga mats are without any animal products, but are not always vegan. That’s because a large part of being vegan is caring for the environment. -And many yoga mats have plastics and other dangerous chemicals.

It’s essential that you avoid these at any costs, for you own and the environment’s sake. Some cheap yoga mats can have chemicals that are bad your body in the long run, so make sure to steer clear of these.

Instead choose one from this list, or find something similar.

Are Yoga Mats Bad For The Environment

Most yoga mats are quite bad for the environment due to the use of PVC, which is a plastic, in addition to other dangerous chemicals. The plastic pollutes a lot in production, and getting rid of it is even worse. So plastic is definitely never a eco-friendly option.

Chemicals, on the other hand, are outright dangerous. They spread to oceans, lakes, and drinking water, which is terrible for wildlife and human life. However, it’s possible to buy eco-friendly yoga mats. In fact, all the yoga mats in this list are all vegan and eco-friendly.

Are Yoga Mats Washable

Most yoga mats are not machine washable, but can be washed by hand. You should use a piece of warm wet cloth to clean your yoga mat. It makes sure that you don’t destroy your mat in the process of trying to clean it.

Some yoga mats are washable, but you need to be sure. Read the instructions on your yoga mat, if there are any. Otherwise you should just stay safe and hand wash it.

Are Yoga Mats Recyclable

Many yoga mats are made of PVC, which is a kind of plastic. This is recyclable, and you should always recycle rather than through out. Plastic is one of the biggest issues when it comes it pollution, so it’s important to limit your personal use of plastic

The plastic found in some yoga mats pollute immensely during production, and almost never degrades in nature. Meaning it will stockpile as trash. This is the reason we have so much plastic in our oceans. The only alternative is to burn it, which leaves even more pollution.

Recycling your yoga mats helps to reduce the amount of new plastic we produce, as well as make sure it doesn’t end up as more trash. So there will be less plastic production, and burning if you make sure to recycle.


So there you have it, 5 yoga mats that are entirely vegan, and even good for the environment. -Which should always be of concern if you are a vegan. Many of the cheaper options use PVC or other plastics, which you need to avoid. In addition to the chemicals.

The ones on this list are a good option for your vegan yoga mat. Have a look at those, or something similar. Just make sure to avoid plastic and other unwanted materials.

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