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3 Vegan Wrestling Shoes – All 100% Cruelty-Free

Most workout clothing uses vegan materials nowadays, so what are some examples of vegan wrestling shoes?

While most workout shoes are vegan, not all are. Many brands still use non-vegan glues and leather in their products, which is not vegan. Luckily, the larger brands started using vegan glues some years back, so the main concern is leather. All the vegan wrestling shoes in list are entirely without leather, and from companies that use vegan glue.

These are the best examples I could find. It’s important that you do your research first, if you intent to buy anything outside this list. Buy from either vegan companies, or products that are without leather. It’s rather easy to identify online, if you go to the official website.

Vegan Wrestling Shoes

Adidas Adizero Wrestling Shoe

These wrestling shoes may be a little expensive, but they sure do offer a lot in return. Not only do they look very good, but they can ensure you stability and a firm grip on the floor. So the price may be worth it, if you want to improve your wrestling.

There are some ways to get them fairly cheap. I recommend that you take a look at the product through the link above. You might be able to them at a very good price, if you are lucky.

The materials are textile and other 100% synthetic. So it’s definitely a vegan product in terms of materials. The glue too is vegan. It’s an Adidas product, meaning you can be safe that it’s vegan. Have a look at this article: Are Adidas Shoes Vegan.

ASICS Matflex Wrestling Shoes

This vegan wrestling shoe is made for comfort and stability. The two most important things in wrestling, or any shoes for that matter. It’s made 100% of a mixture of textile and synthetic materials, which means it’s vegan. The sole is made of rubber, which too is a vegan product, so there’s no concern there.

However, one major issue in buying vegan shoes is the glue. Many large brands use vegan glues, such as Adidas and Nike. It seems that the same is true for ASICS, although it’s difficult to say for sure. -As it’s not stated anywhere.

Although, one can assume with some degree of certainty that it’s vegan glue, as it’s a cheaper and better option.

Adidas Impact Wrestling Shoes

This pair of vegan wrestling shoes actually have leather, but the good kind. The forefront is made a synthetic leather, which is designed for breathability. Something which traditional leather won’t provide. So it’s actually more of an accidental vegan wrestling shoe.

Many brands today switch synthetic leather, as it’s simply the better material. Thus many brands have accidental vegan products such as this. It may not specifically be for the purpose of the vegan movement, but it’s vegan nevertheless.

In terms of it’s qualities, it’s very similar to the other options. Although, I would say that this is maybe the sleekest looking one. Simple and elegant. Have a look through the link above. The prices ranges vastly, so you be able to get it for a fraction of the usual cost.

Are Wrestling Shoes Good For Running?

Wrestling shoes are diffidently not the optimal choice for running. In fact, you need running shoes that fit perfectly to your feet, and your type of running. Otherwise, you could end up hurting yourself in the long run -and have a terrible experience.

Many stores have setups where they actually test your running to see which kinds of shoes that fit your feet. Regularly, I would say it’s best to buy shoes online, as you can better identify whether it’s vegan or not.

However, running shoes are a bit different. Most brands make entirely vegan running shoes, as it’s more breathable and durable. In addition, large brands such as Nike started using vegan glue some years ago. -The same is true for most brands.

I made this list of vegan Nike shoes, and there are some vegan running shoe options available, if you want to have a look there. Otherwise have a look at Amazon, with this search.

Are Wrestling Shoes Supposed To Be Tight?

Whether it’s vegan or not, wrestling shoes need to fit tightly. That ensures stability and decreases the risk of hurting yourself. Although, they should not sit too tight either. Choose a pair that fits tightly, but comfortable.

Wearing the wrong shoe size, for any activity, is harmful in the long run. It can damage your feet and give bunions. -Which is diffidently not something you want. Having the correct size also enables your feet to breath better and allow for an improved performance.

Are Wrestling Shoes Usually Vegan?

Most exercising items are vegan, as plant-based materials are both more breathable, durable, and flexible. The same goes for wrestling shoes, although some of them may contain small amounts of leather. However, most larger brands use vegan glue, so that’s the main point of concern.

So most wrestling shoes are accidentally vegan, but it’s still important to identify whether or not they have leather. Most of them don’t, but some do. Either ask the employees, if you are buying in a store. Otherwise, or if they don’t know, check online before making a purchase.

You can usually find the materials on the official brand website, or the Amazon listing.


Most wrestling shoes are 100% vegan, as they are made of vegan glue and without leather. Although, some may have some amount of leather. It’s important to avoid these, as even small amounts of leather are not considered vegan.

The wrestling shoes in this list are all vegan and of great quality. I recommend that your purchase any of these, or from the same companies. -Some lesser known companies may use non-vegan glues without disclosing it.

Do your research before making any purchase, if you intent to buy wrestling shoes, not on this list. Ask employees, write the company an email, or do your own research. This ensures you won’t end up accidentally contributing to the mistreatment of animals.

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