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4 Vegan Ugg Slippers – Are Ugg Slippers Vegan?

Here are 4 vegan Ugg slippers that are just as good as the original.

It’s not possible to buy original Ugg slippers or boots, as they all have animal products. Most of them have either leather or wool, and mainly both. So you need to pick a vegan alternative to the original Ugg slippers or boots.

The alternatives in this article are actually much better in many regards. Many of them have memory foam and are anti-slip, which gives you more support. If that isn’t enough, one of them have fleece which is most likely the warmest material out there. -And yes, it’s vegan.

Vegan Ugg Slippers

The following list are vegan alternatives to the popular Ugg Slippers. Ugg is a brand, so it’s not exactly the same slipper, but these are very close. The main difference being that they are suitable for vegans.

WATMAID – Slippers

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These are not only like the Ugg slippers and vegan, but much better. Especially crafted for cold days where you need some fluffy comfort for your feet. The rubber sole even allows you to wear then both in and outside.

The sole has memory foam to absorb shock and diffuse underfoot pressure. I would say that this alone makes them much better than the Ugg slippers. Not to mention the anti-slip bottom, which makes them safe too!

Don’t just take my word for it. Have a look at the product reviews, which are some of the most positive ones I have every seen. Not that it’s a surprise.

CLPP’LI – Faux Fur Slippers

vegan ugg slippers
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A great example of an entirely vegan Ugg like slipper. It has all the same features with warm “fur” and the brown skin lookalike outer. The good thing about these, though, is that they are without the real stuff. So they are 100% suitable for vegans.

The rubber, fur, upper, everything, is synthetic. While synthetic can have a bad rep, it’s only a good thing in this case. Because it means that it’s cruelty-free. The price is very reasonable too, so take a look at them on Amazon, to see the most current price.

Jessica Simpson – Comfy Slippers

faux fur
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A beautiful slipper, with the same features as the first. Anti-slip sole, memory foam, and they offer a lot of warmth those cold winter days. They even come in a lot of different colors.

When I say a lot, I mean it. You can choose between a whopping 9 colors, and one even has leopard faux fur. Have a look at the different colors and additional features through the link. Here you can also check the most current price, which is usually below $20.

HALLUCI – Fleece Slippers

non leather
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This pair of vegan Ugg like slippers is made of fleece, which is a vegan product. In case you don’t know, fleece is made of polyester, which is a form of plastic. It may not be amazing for the environment, but it’s much better than other materials. Especially in regards to ethics.

Another great thing about fleece is that it offers a lot of warmth. Much more than you will find from other products. That’s also why clothes made for the coldest environment all have some amount of fleece.

Try them out, you may be surprised by what fleece has to offer.

Are Ugg Slippers Vegan

Original Ugg slippers are far from vegan as they are made almost entirely of animal products. The outer layer is made of leather while the fur like inner is made of wool. These are two products that both come from animals.

Leather is made from the skin of animals while wool is sheep fur. While you can produce wool rather ethically, it’s usually not the case. So most vegans are against any use of wool, and leather simply cannot be vegan.

Leather is made from the skin of animal, which means suffering is inevitable. Luckily, there are Ugg like slippers that are very similar and also vegan. Well, they are actually much better as many of the ones in this list have more features and offers more warmth.

Non-Vegan Materials In Ugg Slippers

  • Leather (Sheepskin)
  • Wool

To make matters even worse, these are very prominent materials. Meaning they are what the Ugg slippers are mainly made of.

What Are Ugg Slippers Made Of?

  • Sheepskin
  • Wool
  • Rubber
  • Cork
  • Nylon

Granted Ugg do have a few different slippers, but these are the most usual materials. Some may have other materials, but none of them are vegan. So it doesn’t really matter which slippers you choose if you are vegan.

You need to find an alternative, and the ones in this article are the best out there. Have a look at them if you want a pair of vegan Ugg slippers.


These slippers may not be the original Ugg, but they sure are good. They offer a lot of functionality that even the original don’t, and they are vegan! Don’t waste your time finding a pair of originals, they don’t have them. They are all with animal products.

Instead choose a pair of these ethical alternatives to Ugg slippers.

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