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7 Vegan Steel Toe Boots | Synethentic Leather Work Boots

In the working man’s world it isn’t always easy to find vegan products, especially ones that live up to the wear and tear of an everyday job. Steel toe boots are great for anyone from construction workers to hikers, and add a layer of protection if you’re going out adventuring or checking in at your day job.

Whatever your use for them, the vegan steel toe boot market is still small. But there are some companies out there who have managed to provide style as well as functionality, durability as well as comfort.

You’ll notice a few big-name brands on our list, but other lesser known companies have stepped it up to provide customers with quality products that meet not only fashion but safety standards.

Lugz Men’s Drifter 6 Steel Toe Fashion Boot

This synthetic men’s boot has a timeless, classic look to it. Understated if bought in black, or reminiscent of Timberlands in their wheat color, these vegan steel toe boots are more about fashion than function. The upper is water-resistant and leads to a laced up, ankle high tongue.

Although Lugz does mention their Drifters being “work” boots, they reference hip hop culture more in their product description. Despite this, these boots are far from vegan cowboy boots, or any solely design-oriented boot.

Pros: True to size, available in wide options, varying colors.

Cons: Not for long-term wear, material falls apart quickly.

Sizes: 6.5-15 Men’s, comes in wide options

Colors: Black/Black, Golden Wheat/Tan, Black Durabrush, Bark, Tan

Suadez Steel Toe Boot Men and Women

These work boots are marketed by Suadez as indestructible, and they aren’t messing around with that tag. Aside from the anti-shock steel toe cap, Suadex’s boots have a sole made of Kevlar for added protection. The toe cap is capable of absorbing 200±10 J forces.

These boots come in many color options including a velvet capped pair to keep your ankles warm in winter. They’re great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Pros: Various color options, Kevlar protection, casual design.

Cons: True to size, short laces provided with purchase.

Sizes: 6.5-14.5 Women’s, 4-13 Men

Colors: Black, Green, Red, Grey, all have fur options.

FAST Men Steel Toe Safety Work Boots

For a multi-purpose, more serious work boot, FAST has provided a calf-high, waterproof boot. These boots have a steel toe and noticeably thick slip-resistant tread. They’ve been tested for acid, alkali, punctures, abrasions, and erosion.

The synthetic composite they’re made up of is extremely easy to clean and they’re great for construction, fishing, snow, farm work, and much more.

Pros: Simple design, sturdy, great for wearing over another pair of shoes.

Cons: Hard to break in, can be tight.

Sizes: 5-12 Men’s

Colors: Black with yellow tread

DRKA Men’s Steel Toe Work Boots

DRKA’s steel toed boots have a more refined look to them than some of the other options on our list. They’re clean, available in black only, and the steel toe doesn’t look clunky or unbalanced. The outer sole is cleated for added traction.

The upper, covering the steel toe, is made of a synthetic material that is supple enough to guarantee durability in cold temperatures. This means you get a great pair of vegan leather boots, that will even provide the functionality you need for work.

Pros: Stylish, generally affordable

Cons: No inner padding for added comfort, only available in one color, size availability varies

Sizes: 8.5 Men’s

Colors: Black

KEEN Utility Longandale Boot

Keen’s Utility boots look like they’re made to get the job done. With a yellow-on-black striking appearance, the boots are made of various textiles layered for a rugged look and texture. This is a Made in the USA company if you’re looking to support your country. At ankle-height, these boots have a steep toe that meets all ASTM testing standards.

The textured surface is not only breathable, but prevents abrasion. A big win for this boot is the consideration taken when designing the inside; they’re made for arch support and comfort.

Pros: Great hiking and work boot, stands up to long-term wear and tear

Cons: Usually ½ size too large, poor quality laces and eyelets compared to boot

Sizes: 7-15 Men’s, available in wide options

Colors: Yellow detailing on black body

Carhartt Men’s Oxford Lightweight Hiker Boot

Carhartt is a company that has earned their name and a go-to for the working man. Unfortunately, many of their goods are made from animal products, and it’s hard to find a vegan synthetic option. Their Oxford hiker boots come with a steel toe and are described as “industrial” in design.

The boot sits just below the ankle and is missing that extra support but the footbed has been engineered for added grip, reduced slip, and general comfort for prolonged wear. The synthetic material also makes good use of FastDry tech to wick away moisture.

Pros: Great for work or every-day use, prolonged comfort.

Cons: Narrow even in wide options, not chemical resistant.

Sizes: 8-15 Men’s, wide options available

Colors: Black synthetic

Under Armour Vegan Valsetz 1.5 Tactical Boot

Under Armour, known for their durable clothing and accessories for those with an active lifestyle, has produced a synthetic leather steel toed boot. The welded PU material provides abrasion resistance and they’ve stepped it up with a high traction outer sole to grip in any condition.

The midsole is made from a lightweight material for all-day comfort and last but not least, they’ve even provided an anti-microbial sockliner! This company definitely knows their client base.

Pros: Light weight, tennis shoe-like comfort, stylish appearance.

Cons: Lighter colors stain easily, material not made for daily wear and tear.

Sizes: 8-14 Men’s

Colors: Black, Coyote Brown, Desert Sand, Camo

Find the right vegan steel toe cap boots

As with any work boot, vegan steel toe or otherwise, we recommend weighing out the importance of function vs. form. Are you looking for a stylish addition to your wardrobe, or added protection on the job? Are you more concerned about comfort or color options?

Whatever you’re looking for, despite such a narrow market, it is possible to find the right vegan steel toe boot for you. It’s just a matter of prioritizing must-haves compared to those added benefits and figuring out what boot is the right fit for your lifestyle.

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