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Vegan Socks For ALL Situations | 13 Cruelty-Free Socks

Here is the ultimate list of 13 vegan socks for all situations. Going for a hike, run, walk, or just need a pair of warm winter socks? Well, here are some great options.

There are some materials you need to avoid in socks, as a vegan. All materials of animals are off-limits, which includes wool. These vegan socks are mostly made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex.

Although there’s also a pair of vegan hemp socks, which is quite good. Besides, I found a pair of what I would consider funny vegan socks, that you can see at the end.

Vegan Winter Socks

Many winter socks are made of wool, as it’s considered the warmest material. It may be warm, but vegan winter socks can be just as warm. It just depends on the blends used. So here are some examples of vegan winter socks.

EBMORE Thick Cotton Socks

Vegan winter socks

Not only are these warm winter socks vegan, but they look amazing too. Choose between your favorite designs and colors to make it match your winter outfit. It may be winter, but who says you can’t rock your vegan winter outfit anyways.

You can click the image to browse through the different colors and designs. In case you are looking for a great pair of vegan winter socks. Here you can also see the price which is normally around $12 for 3, so only $4 each.

Materials: Cotton 70%, Polyester 25%, Spandex 5%

Jarseen Winter Warm Socks

Vegan winter socks

So these socks may not be the fanciest out there, but they sure are warm. It uses thermal technology to stay warm, and in case you don’t know it. It’s likely the warmest kind of socks you can find.

The materials are entirely vegan, made out of synthetic materials. -And as the experienced vegan may know, that does not make it worse. In fact, most of the best socks use synthetic materials as it’s just better. Have a look at this by clicking the image.

Materials: 91% Acrylic, 5% Nylon 3%, Polyester, 1% Elastane

Vegan Hiking Socks

This section shows a few vegan hiking socks for normal environments. So these are some examples of socks you can choose if you hike in normal temperatures. Though, going into colder climates require a little more than this.

These, on the other hand, are especially good for keeping your feet dry and improving breathability. Most likely, the two most important things you need in a pair of hiking socks. Otherwise, your journey will become tedious quickly.

So go down to the next section if you normally hike in colder environments. If you don’t find what you look for read this article, where you can find more similar socks.

Three street – Cooldry Vegan Socks

Vegan hiking socks

So what does a good pair of vegan hiking socks need to be? Well, they need to keep you warm at times, remove sweat, and keep your feet dry. These may not be the best socks for winter hiking, but they sure are good for regular environments.

With that, I mean environments that are neither too warm or too cold. Although they can be used in warm climates. That’s because they are moisture-wicking, which means you don’t need to worry about sweaty feet. They remove sweat from your feet and dry fast if you should get wet feet for whatever reason.

Have a look at them on Amazon. There you can see different colors and amazing prices.

Thorlos – Light Hiking Socks

Vegan hiking socks

Thorlos makes amazing vegan hiking socks, and you may even have heard of them. They are likely some of the more popular hiking socks, regardless of you are vegan and not. -And that’s for a good reason.

They don’t rely on animal products, but instead high-quality synthetic materials that are entirely cruelty-free. May not be the case for all their products, but this particular pair of hiking socks is just that. They keep your feet warm, but only lightly.

You may like to know this. They are made in the US, which means there is less risk of exploitation down the production chain.

Materials: 58% Thor-Wick COOL Polyester, 23% Thor-Lon Acrylic, 14% Nylon, 5% Elastic

Vegan Winter Hiking Socks

Hiking can be done in all sorts of environments. The more cool environments require fast-dry and breathability, but winter socks are different. A pair of good vegan winter hiking socks need to be both warm and moisture-wicking.

They need to be both as you can get very sweaty feet otherwise. That’s because some socks produce so much heat around your feet that you are bound to sweat somewhat. -And that’s not good in especially cold environments.

Thorlos – Thick Padded Hiking Socks

From the creators of the same socks as previously discussed. Introducing, the thick padded Thorlos socks, that keep your feet moisture-free, and warm. Made in the USA, and created to fit all your hiking needs, in cold environments.

Besides, they are free from animal products, produced using cruelty-free materials. They are unisex and available in many different colors. Have a look at the colors by clicking the link above.

Materials: 87% Thor-Lon Acrylic, 11% Nylon, 2% Elastic

Columbia – Moisture Control Socks

Vegan Winter Hiking Socks

A pair of vegan hiking socks for women. They are made from the company Columbia, which you probably know very well. Besides all the materials are entirely vegan, thus without any animal products.

You can see the materials below, or have a closer look at the socks by clicking the link above.

Materials: 73% Polyester, 23% Cotton, 2% Rayon, 1% Olefin, 1% Spandex

Vegan Walking Socks

Here are some examples of walking socks that you can use in both warm and cold climates. Although, I would say extreme weather conditions require a little more. So this is for regular climates, that is neither very cold nor warm.

Ysense – Walking Socks

Vegan Walking Socks

This pair of vegan walking socks can be used for anything really. Whether you are walking, running, or on your bicycle. They are suitable for all light activities like that. -And that’s due to their moisture-wicking abilities.

In fact, you could also use these for long hikes. It’s also some of the cheaper vegan walking socks out there. You can get socks for less than a few dollars each. Also, they are 100% vegan, as you can see in the materials below.

Materials: 80% cotton, 15% acrylic, 5% spandex

Thorlos – Ankle Socks

Vegan Walking Socks

Sometimes you need a pair of ankle socks. Whether it’s cold outside or not, ankle socks can make your walk much more pleasurable. Like other Thorlos socks, these are made of synthetic materials that are exclusive to Thorlos.

You can have a more detailed view of these by clicking the link. They come in many different sizes but are only available for women. Though, you can find a similar pair, from the brand, for men.

Materials: 80% Exclusive THOR•LON acrylic, 15% stretch nylon, 5% spandex

Vegan Running Socks

Running socks need to keep your feet cool and dry. It’s important to keep your feet dry at all times, while on a run. Otherwise, you could get bad blisters and gross feet for that matter. So opt for one of these vegan running socks, or a pair with similar features.

FASTBON – Compression Socks

FASTBON - Compression Socks

A pair of vegan running socks that especially made to reduce swelling and keep your feet dry. They do so because they are compression socks. It’s an important feature for runners as it can make your run more enjoyable and safe.

The materials are entirely vegan made of synthetic materials. Free from any wool or similar products. The color in this picture may be a little much for you but fear not. They come in so many different colors, it’s crazy.

Take a look at them on Amazon to see the many options.

Materials: 54% Nylon, 41% Polyester, 5% Spandex

Nike Running Socks

Nike Running

Did you know that many of Nike’s products are vegan? Their products are usually made of entirely vegan materials because they know this. Synthetic materials are the future. They are longer-lasting, durable, and have more features.

Keep your feet dry and free from moisture with these vegan running socks from Nike. They are available in 3 colors, black, white and gray. Have a look at them by clicking the button.

Materials: 56% Polyester/39% Nylon/5% Spandex

Vegan Dress Socks

Here is an example of vegan dress socks. Although most dress socks are entirely vegan, so it’s not at all hard to find a pair. Have a look at these to get an idea of the materials you should pick, and which to avoid.

Dockers Dress Socks

Dress Sock

It’s actually rather easy to find vegan dress socks. Many brands use synthetic materials because it’s cheaper, which is great news for vegans. Because it also means they most dress socks are entirely vegan.

You simply need to avoid animal products such as wool, or mixtures that aren’t honest about the materials. You can see an example of vegan dress socks above. These are made of the following materials and are very affordable.

Materials: 83% Polyester, 15% Cotton, 2% Spandex

Vegan Hemp Socks

Hemp socks are almost always vegan, but sometimes they add non-vegan materials. That’s usually a blend of hemp and wool, which is not vegan. Luckily, most of them are made using only two materials. Hemp and cotton, which you can see below.

Vegan Hemp Socks

Vegan Hemp Sock

Here’s a great example of vegan hemp socks. They are made of both cotton and hemp, which makes them much more comfortable. So it’s actually quite good that they are not 100% hemp.

They are unisex and priced very well. The prices vary, so click on the button to see the latest price, they may have an offer right now. If these are not what you are looking for, just avoid anything with wool, and you should be fine.

Materials: Hemp, Cotton

Funny Vegan Socks

Funny Vegan Socks

I personally think this pair of socks is quite funny. The idea of vegetables protesting against vegans is a comment towards those meat-eaters who suggest plants have sentience. Which… As most people know, it is not the case.

Nonetheless, I love this design. Have a closer look at them for yourself.

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