vegan soccer cleats and boots

Vegan Soccer Cleats And Boots 100% Cruelty-free

Many find it difficult to find vegan soccer cleats and shoes, but it’s actually not that difficult.

While soccer cleats and shoes are not always vegan, many are. Nike started using vegan glues in 2015, meaning the only thing vegans need to avoid is leather. Although, some brands still use non-vegan glues, so it’s important to know which do.

A safe choice for vegan soccer shoes and cleats is therefore Nike. They don’t use animal products in their glue, which is the biggest issue when purchasing soccer shoes. Leather is also an issue, but it’s much easier to identify whether or not leather is present. Besides, most newer models use synthetic materials due to the qualities of it.

Vegan Soccer Boots

Nike Vapor Academy

We start the list of with some vegan soccer boots from Nike. The glue is not an issue in this one as it’s a newer model from after they starting using cruelty-free glues. The upper is made of a synthetic material which is made to be durable and but not too flexible.

A soccer boot needs to be flexible to some degree, but not too much. Your feet have to stay in place, as this adds stability to your game. So what about the studs?

It has chevron and circular studs can can be used on both real and artificial grass. In terms of the materials, there’s vegan too. They are free from leather or any non-vegan materials, such as that. You can read more about if Nike shoes are vegan in this article.

Adidas Predator Firm Soccer Boots

While Nike is unanimous with quality, the same goes for Adidas. So this pair of soccer boots diffidently deserves a spot on this list. The materials are all vegan, which includes the glue. In fact, most larger brands started used vegan glue some years ago.

I have an article explaining how to buy vegan Adidas shoes, you may want to give that a read if you have time. Alternatively, view the materials for yourself through the link above.

These vegan soccer boots are made from a mixture of synthetic materials and textiles. -And this includes the sole. These materials allow for greater breathability and gives you a firm grip on the ground.

Nike Superfly Soccer Boots

The Nike superfly soccer boots are made especially to give natural fit. Something that’s important out here on the field. You need your boots to sit tight, and add stability on real grass terrain, as well as artificial.

The micro-textures in this soccer boots are designed to make it easier to control the ball, even at the highest speeds. -And these materials are all entirely vegan.

Some believe leather to the best for soccer boots, and this was true some years back. Although technology has come a long way since then, and thus even the best players don’t use soccer boots with leather anymore. These shoes are an excellent example of just that.

Take a look at all of the qualities, and materials through the link above. You may also want to check out this article with my favorite vegan Nike shoes.

Vegan Soccer Cleats

Many soccer boots allow for yourself to add replacement cleats, or studs. This is quite advantageous as it means your boots last longer. It’s good because it’s cheaper, but it’s diffidently also in the vegan spirit to repair, rather than buy new.

In addition, it takes some time before your boots sit comfortable on your feet. At least for some people. So it’s always proffered to replace cleats rather than boots, if the shoes are still in good condition.

Choosing vegan cleats is not an issue. However, many vegans try to reduce the amount of plastic they use, and most cleats are plastic. Although, plastic is unanimous and sometimes it’s impossible to avoid it. So plastic cleats can still be vegan, as it’s the obvious option.

Are Soccer Cleats Vegan

Most soccer cleats are vegan as they are without any animal products. Although, many of them contain large amounts of plastic, which is not environmentally friendly. That’s a big concern for many vegans, and be for you too.

However, the definition of veganism is to reduce harm wherever possible, and there are not many eco-friendly options available. Thus, buying plastic cleats can be considered vegan, as there are few other options available.

Another issue is the glue, which is often not vegan. Many older models have non-vegan glues, while most newer models use vegan glue. You should be safe, if you buy from either Nike or Adidas, as these started using vegan glues some years back.

Can Soccer Cleats Be Washed

Soccer cleats can be made in many different materials, so it really depends on what your cleats are made of. Although, it’s recommended that you hand wash your cleats, as it reduces the risk of damage. Machine washing could end up damaging your soccer cleats beyond repair.

So if you usually wash your soccer boots in a machine, you may want to remove the cleats beforehand. This ensures that your cleats won’t get damaged by the heat, and tumbling.


Many find it hard to find vegan soccer cleats, but it’s actually not that hard anymore. It used to be that all brands used non-vegan glues, but that’s not the case any more. The most important thing in this regard is to buy newer models. These almost always use vegan glue, although it does depend on the company.

Always do your research and make sure before any purchase. Otherwise you may end up buying something you don’t want. Have a look at the official websites, or ask the company directly through mail or phone. -Or better yet, cleats on this list.

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