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Vegan Snow Sport Guide – Ski Clothes And Equipment

Snow sport is an amazing way to spend a holiday, or a weekend trip, but it does require proper vegan ski clothes and equipment.

Buying vegan ski equipment and clothes is easy once you know what to avoid. Most helmets, boots, ski goggles and gloves are usually vegan. However, vegan ski underwear, socks, and jackets can be bit more difficult to come across.

Buying vegan requires you to avoid anything derived from animals. This means you need to avoid materials such as leather or wool. These are the most apparent issues in finding vegan ski clothes. So I made this list of entirely vegan ski and snowboarding clothes and equipment.

Vegan Ski Equipment

Skiing is an amazing snow sport and can be done whether you are vegan or not. Most skiing equipment is vegan by default, but there is some that use non-vegan materials. Vegans don’t use any products derived from animals, and leather is a very commonly used material skiing equipment.

Leather is not considered vegan as it comes from the skin of an animal. In fact, some leather production can be even more cruel than the meat industry. So it’s important to avoid any skiing equipment with leather. Another thing to avoid is wool, which is the fur from sheeps.

So I did some research and made this list of essential vegan skiing equipment, as well as some products for extra protection.

Vegan Ski Helmet

Many ski helmets are actually vegan by accident, being they are not especially aimed towards vegan buyers. The reason many ski helmets use vegan materials is merely because these have better functionality. Not surprisingly as synthetic materials are more breathable and lightweight.

Vegan Ski Helmet

I found this particular ski helmet which contains all the functionality you need when skiing. The most important aspects being ventilation and protection. I keeps your head cool by taking cold air into the front and dispensing hot air in the holes behind.

Although, winter sport equipment requires warmth, you don’t want your head to become too warm either. Skiing requires a lot of physical effort and all this warmth you generate go straight to your head. So it’s definitely also essential to have proper ventilation in your helmet, otherwise you could overheat.

Maybe the most important thing in choosing a vegan ski helmet is the protection. After all, you wear a helmet in order to protect your head from falls. This helmet is safety certified meaning an external organization has approved this as safe.

Vegan Skis

Honestly, most skis are entirely vegan as there is no use for leather. Skis are always made of the one, or more, of the following materials: wood, plastic, fiberglass, metal, rubber, cork, or epoxy. So it’s incredibly easy to find a pair of vegan skis.

You can go to your local snow sport shop, if you have any, and find a pair you like. Just don’t buy anything which as small leather patches or such. It could be that some added a little leather patch to make them look nice. Although, I don’t foresee that as happening.

Vegan Skis

However, you came here for vegan ski equipment, so I found this pair of vegan skis. They are from the company Atomic and highly acclaimed for their quality. You may want to check these out, but beware that they are fairly expensive.

Vegan Ski Goggles

Vegan Ski Goggles

Ski goggles don’t have to cost a whole lot of money. In fact, spending more than 20-30 dollars is not all that necessary. It may come with a bit more functionality, but you are mostly paying for the brand at that point.

This pair of vegan goggles is also priced in that area. Although prices could change in the future, so take a look at see the current price. Despite the price, these goggles have everything you need. Anti-fog, UV-Protection, and universal compatibility. So they are sure to fit your current ski helmet, or future for that matter.

Vegan Ski Boots

Vegan Ski Boots

This vegan ski boot comes with an immense amount of functionality. It’s target towards intermediate to advanced, but can really be used by anyone. What’s so special about these is the comfort and flexibility.

Flexibility is often hard to come across when looking for a pair of vegan ski boots. One thing is finding a vegan pair, but flexibility? It can be a challenge.

The sheer amount of locks and tightening units, mean that most feet will feel comfortable with this pair. That’s because they can be adjusted to fit your feet perfectly. Take a look through the link above, they are on sale right now!

Vegan Ski Clothing

Having the proper clothing for skiing is essential. It’s not only a matter of staying warm all throughout your skiing trip, but it should also add some protection. So the outer ski clothing layers in this list all offer some protection against fall damage. This is especially important if you are skiing places where ice could be present.

Ski clothing also needs to be warm and have proper ventilation. You may be skiing in a cold environment, but there is also a lot of physical exercise involved with skiing. These things are all considered in the following list.

The ski clothing in list is all vegan, as it’s without leather or other animal based products.

Vegan Ski Gloves

The most important functionality to look for in your new ski gloves are as the following. They need to be windproof, waterproof, warm, comfortable, flexible, and improve your grip. These are definitely the most essential things to look for. So let’s have a look at some of my favorite vegan ski gloves.

MCTi Waterproof

MCTi Waterproof

This pair of vegan ski gloves contains all the functionality as listed above, and at a very reasonable price. In fact, these are one of the cheapest options for vegan ski gloves, while stilling having all the functionality. A major reason for that it’s not a very large brand.

Many large brands have additional costs associated with the name itself. This one, on the other hand, may not be an impressive brand, but the functionality is there nevertheless.

However, one major issue with this pair of ski gloves is that it retains some moisture on the inside. That’s possibly because it’s a little too waterproof. This is unfortunate considering winter sport is a form of exercise, and thus moisture will build up.

Andorra Insulated Ski Gloves

Andorra Insulated Ski Gloves

This pair of vegan ski gloves is not as waterproof as the previous. Although that sounds like it bad thing, it also means there is less moisture build up inside. So it’s actually both a negative and positive. Besides they are packed full of additional features that the others ones don’t have.

They contain all the important features like providing warmth, stabilizing your grip, and protect your hands. However, they also have pockets for your credit cards and finger touch on 3 fingers. That’s actually a underrated ski glove feature, as we use our phones all the time, also when skiing.

They are little more expensive than the previous, but still incredibly cheap. Have a look through the link above to see even more features.

Vegan Ski Jackets

Vegan Ski Jackets

Ski jackets need to be warm, breathable, waterproof, and offer some amount of protection. Granted, most jackets offer enough protection, but wearing only a warm shirt could be dangerous. Although this depends largely on your routes, and amount of ice on the route.

This jacket is made of 100% polyester, with a fleece liner. Both vegan materials, and the best options for skiing. Fleece is made of plastic, feels fantastic, and offers immense amounts of warmth. It also has a bunch of other additional features made for skiing.

It’s full of pockets, quality zippers, a removable hood, and more. All features that you may not consider now, but will love once you start using it.

Vegan Ski Pants

Vegan Ski Pants

An outer layer made of 100% polyester and Thermatech isolation on the inside to keep you warm throughout the day. In fact, these vegan ski pants can handle degrees down to -20 degrees, which means they provide plenty of warmth.

Besides they look much more sleek than other ski pants options. They are not as boxy as some of the others. Additionally, they go well with the vegan ski jacket above.

Other features include reinforced ankles, as this is an area that usually wears of faster. This reinforcement means they can last much longer. The ankles also contain boot zippers, so you can take off your boots without taking off the ski pants.

Vegan Neck warmers

Vegan Neck warmers

Neck warmers are an essential clothing item in skiing that many people tend to forget about. It’s life a scarf, but the ends meet and are closed. Meaning that it’s much more suitable for physical activity as scarfs tend to fall off. Especially in skiing down a mountain at high speeds.

This specific neck warmer is 100% acrylic, which is a synthetic materials. Therefore it’s 100% vegan. Besides acrylic materials are more comfortable than animal-based materials as wool. Especially when wrapped around your neck.

Vegan Ski Underwear

Vegan Ski Underwear

A good set of vegan ski underwear is essentially the same as regular underwear. It needs to provide a lot warmth, be comfortable, and thin. The thinner the better, and quality materials can provide plenty of warmth, with a thin layer.

Vegans cannot wear anything like wool, or marino wool, and these are some of the most popular ski underwear materials. Luckily, vegan materials are just as good, despite not being as popular. A great alternative to wool, which provides even more warmth, is fleece.

Fleece is made of plastic and thus is free from animal exploitation. It also comes with the added benefit that it’s not as scratchy as wool. Although, some people don’t find wool uncomfortable.

This one is largely exactly the same as the previous, so I won’t go into much detail. It has all the same features as the previous, but is specifically for women.

Vegan Ski Socks

I have actually written quite a lot about vegan socks on this website. I have an article on the best hiking socks, as well as, the vegan socks for all situations. Warm socks can be a frustrating thing to buy as a vegan, as so many of them have wool. However, as I have shown with many examples, vegan socks are just as good as the non-vegan kind.

Vegan Ski Socks

These socks are made of 93% acrylic, 6% polyester, 1% spandex , making them entirely vegan. As you may know, these are all synthetic materials, but not in any way worse than the non-vegan. I personally believe they are better, because of the comfort.

This specific pair of socks is some of the warmest you can find out there. They are extra thick and have thermal. Other very warm socks include the Global Vasion socks, which are electrically heated. Yes, with rechargeable batteries. May be a good option if you tend to get very cold feet, take a look at them if you want.


These are all amazing vegan options for your next ski or snowboarding trip. Many of these items can be used for both snowboarding, skiing, and also other activities. The vegan ski clothing could also be used for hiking or other purposes.

You can choose to buy some of these products or find your own. Just make sure that you always buy with quality in mind. Too many people end up getting hurt while skiing or snowboarding. In fact, the amount of accidents in snow sports is upsetting.

So stay safe, and make sure you avoid leather and wool. These are the main topics of concern, although other materials should be avoided as well.

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