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6 Vegan Motorcycle Boots – Synthetic Materials

Are you looking for a pair of vegan motorcycle boots that have the same functionality as the regular kind?

Vegan motorcycle boots are actually often much better than the traditional leather kind. The materials offer much more comfort, durability, and protection. -And at a much lower cost. So going vegan in terms of motorcycle gear is not a compromise by any means.

Any of these boots are sure to get you through even long rides without any discomfort. As well as offer a lot of protection in case anything should happen. They are also much more long-lasting as real leather wears faster than the synthetic counterpart.

Give these a look, or even try them out for yourself. You won’t regret it.

Vegan Motorcycle Boots

O’Neal Men’s New Logo Rider Boot

First, on the list, we have O’Neal’s vegan motorcycle boots. They have everything you need in a good pair of boots. Molded plastic which offers a lot of protection, as well as synthetic leather that also prevents heat damage.

Which is a quite important feature on a motorcycle boot, as heat damage can easily happen around your feet. The synthetic leather in these is specifically made to prevent this.

The shape itself is structured to add more support for your feet. So it’s an excellent vegan motorcycle boot regardless of how much time you spend on the bike.

Alpinestars Tech 3 Boots

Many believe leather to be the optimum for motorcycle boots. That’s just not the case. In fact, some of the best boots use entirely vegan materials such as microfiber, PU-leather, or molded plastic.

These vegan motorcycle boots use microfiber instead of leather. It’s a much more durable and lightweight material, if not to mention humane. It’s a synthetic fiber, so there are no animals involved in the making of these boots.

They also have an incredible amount of different colors available. So you are sure to find a pair that fits your other motorcycle gear.

You can read more about these boots by clicking the link to Amazon. Most importantly is that they are a safe choice any vegans.

Fox Racing Comp Boots

If you know the slightest bit about motorcycle gear, you know Fox Racing. Their equipment is even used by professional drivers. In fact, this boot was made to have the qualities of a professional boot, yet at an affordable price.

Granted, they may not add as much support and protection as the $500 boots. Although, the regular motorcycle enthusiasts won’t notice that much of a difference. So it’s a great choice if you are new to motorcycling or just need to replace your old pair.

The other layer is made mostly of TPU, and the rest is hardened rubber. These are all vegan materials with no other non-vegan materials present. So it’s an entirely vegan pair of motorcycle boots, for advanced and new drivers.

Fox Racing 2019 Comp 5 Boots

Another pair of Fox Racing boots. They are of such high quality that even the professional could use them. They are made partly with the same materials of the previous but add more support and protection.

The Comp 5 Boots from Fox Racing are made especially for those who use spend hours on the saddle. Besides they have soft-touch alloy buckles, which adds to the safety. No need to readjust your boots with this safe and secure closing.

Fly Racing 2020 Maverik Boots

The Fly Racing Maverik Boots are mostly made of plastic. The construction includes a 3D molded shift panel and added texture that prevents your boot from wearing down too quickly. Also, the rear ankle is flexible enough to bend your foot. That’s a fantastic feature for longer rides.

The outer layer has a molded plastic with impact resistance. So this adds additional protection if anything should go wrong.

It also comes with a wide range of features that the older models didn’t. You can have a closer look at them by visiting Amazon or their official website.

I’m not sure whether or not it’s essential to mention it at this point, but it’s a vegan motorcycle boot. It’s made of solely synthetic materials such as plastic.

SMX-S Waterproof All-Weather Motorcycle Boot

This pair of vegan motorcycle boots consists mainly of a microfiber outer layer. This adds a lot of flexibility and thus, comfort. That’s also why they are recommended for long tours, as well as short ones.

Alpinestars has an exclusive rubber sole which was made to optimize feel and grip, even in problematic weather conditions. Meaning it also adds a fair bit of safety as you are less likely to slip in the rain.

The boots don’t have any animal products such as leather, so they are 100% suited for vegans. You have read more about their features on Amazon.

Vegan Leather Motorcycle Boots By TourMaster

This pair of vegan motorcycle boots are made with PU-leather. That’s an imitation leather that looks very close to the real kind. The major difference is that it’s vegan and much more durable and long-lasting.

They have a very classy look of a traditional leather boot, yet without all the inhumane materials of real leather boots. Give them a try if you are looking for a vegan “leather” motorcycle boot.

How To Choose Vegan Motorcycle Boots

How To Choose Vegan Motorcycle Boots

Choosing a pair of vegan motorcycle boots is actually quite easy. You need the same features as you would in a regular pair of boots. Luckily, that’s not an issue with all the models available.

The only thing you need to be cautious about is the use of leather. It can be hard to find a pair of vegan motorcycle boots as many have leather. However, as you may have seen, many brands have stopped using leather altogether. -And that’s merely because the synthetic material is better.

Think about it, real leather is not designed for the impacts you can have on a motorcycle. Cows don’t have skin that’s designed to fall on a bike. Well, it’s possible to reinforce leather, but it’s simply not the optimum.

You need to look for motorcycle boots that use PU-leather, rubber, microfiber, or similar materials. These are not just as good as leather, but better. More lightweight, robust, flexible, and offers much more comfort.

The only major concern is to avoid leather. So have a look at the vegan motorcycle boots above, or find your own without the use of leather.

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These are just some of the available vegan motorcycle. There are a lot of options out there. Although these are some, I picked by quality and price. Besides, they are a great example that vegans don’t need to settle.

Vegan motorcycle boots are the future of motorcycle gear, as more and more brands are switching to non-animal materials.

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