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12 Vegan Leather Wallets For Men (Under $30)

Cruelty-free leather wallets are more available than ever before, but can be hard to find, so here are 12 vegan leather wallets for men.

Traditional leather is far too often made under terrible conditions. In fact, most leather in the US is not even produced there. Much of it comes from third world countries where there are no laws against animal cruelty.

It’s sometimes impossible to know where your leather comes from. So it’s imperative for not only all vegans, but everybody to avoid it. I encourage you only to buy synthetic faux leather products and avoid the regular kind.

So are vegan leather wallets as good as the regular? No, it’s actually much better. Synthetic leather today is often more durable and long-lasting than the ordinary. Although the most crucial aspect is that it’s 100% cruelty-free.

Many of the vegan wallets in this list use Eco-friendly vegan leather. That means much less waste and especially less dangerous waste that poisons drinking water. So there’s no excuse for switching that old leather wallet to something much better.

1. Tree Tribe – Leaf Leather Slim Wallet

vegan leather wallet leaf

A really cool vegan leather wallet if you want something a bit different. As you can see from the name, they call it leaf leather, and that’s no joke. The leather in this wallet is made from actual leaves. How cool is that? Both design and materials are very unique. The green one is uniquely sleek, in my opinion.

2. Gallery Seven Mens Wallet

Gallery Seven Mens

A super sleek faux leather wallet from Gallery Seven. The texture on the outside is sort of coarse but smooth, just like many high-end brand wallets. Thereby giving the wallet a very exclusive feel even though it costs less than $10. Indeed an excellent choice for the fashionable vegan.

3. CoreLife – Crocodile Skin

faux crocodile skin wallet

A vegan crocodile skin wallet? Yes, it’s a thing, and it looks incredible. It’s undoubtedly a very unique look that’s sure to turn eyes. Crocodile skin is usually costly, but not this one. As it’s synthetic crocodile skin, it can be produced much cheaper than the regular. Understandable, some don’t like the idea of wearing crocodile, especially as a vegan. Although it’s entirely synthetic and you cannot argue against how cool this looks!

4. The Vegan Collection – Camden Wallet

synthetic leather wallet

This is another company that prides itself as vegan. It’s the perfect wallet if you want people to know you don’t support brands using cruelty. The name itself is, in my opinion, and it has a small “V” on the side. Of cause, this stands for vegan and is sure to convince others that this is a 100% cruelty-free wallet.

5. HISSIMO – Slim Faux Leather Wallet

non-leather wallets

This wallet has a windowed case for your card. Meaning you don’t have to take out your ID every single time it’s required! Awesome right? Another great thing about this vegan wallet is that it has RFID blocking. Making it impossible for thieves to gather data from your cards while you walk by.

6. The Vegan Collection – Black Armstrong

The Vegan Collection - Black Armstrong

Here’s another good-looking faux leather wallet from The Vegan Collection. It’s a much more traditional looking wallet. Black Tri-fold that looks and feels very much like natural leather. Although it has the vegan logo on the side of it. That’s something I really appreciate when it seems so close to real leather.

7. Tree Tribe – Leaf Leather Slim Leather Brown

Tree Tribe - Leaf

This wallet is identical to the green Tree Tribe wallet, although it’s brown. Especially this brown and the green go well with the design. The brown color of this particular vegan wallet makes it look like leaves in fall. Besides, it’s a bit more subtle than the green, which you might prefer.

8. Silverweed – Slim Card Holder

Silverweed - Slim Card Holder

Cardholders are good, but wallets are better. That’s why this vegan wallet is a mixture of the two. It’s made entirely with 100% vegan PU-leather making it long-lasting and durable. The design itself is somewhat functional with a money-clip within and a cardholder on the side. So you can store credit cards or ID on the outside for quick access at all times.

9. Dash – Premium Blue Slim Wallet

vegan leather wallets

Synthetic leather wallets by Dash are not only non-leather. In fact, it’s made from eco-friendly synthetic leather. Meaning every step of production seeks to reduce waste. This includes the reduction of harmful, which is a prevalent issue with artificial leather production. Amazing to see brands take the effort to save the planet.

10. Access Denied – Bifold Wallet

vegan wallets

Not many companies selling leather will advertise themselves as vegan. This is one of the strong wallet brands that actually pride themselves on faux leather. That’s awesome because it means you support a company that actively reduces suffering. The wallet folds and made with 100% vegan faux leather.

11. BucketList Central – Essential Wallet

BucketList Central - Essential Wallet

Honestly, you don’t always need a million rooms for cards, in a wallet. Much of the time, it’s just a waste of space. That might not be true all the time, but sometimes you don’t need to bring every card you own. Like when you’re on the beach or other leisure activities. In case you are like me and don’t use all your cards every day you may enjoy adding this to your closet. A very sleek wallet, with an elegant leather design that fits well in your pocket.

12. Dash – Premium Blue Slim Wallet

Dash - Premium Blue Slim Wallet

As you might know by now. I’m a big fan of Dash. It’s always good to support companies that take responsibility like Dash. This wallet looks much more like natural brown leather, which you might like. Besides, it’s a very sleek and functional design that won’t fill too much in your pocket.

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