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Vegan Leather Couch | 8 Best Vegan Faux Leather Sofas

Shopping for a new sofa can be stressful, especially with the added effort of finding a vegan couch. It needs to fit in with your current aesthetic, seat your preferred number of guests, and be as functional as it is stylish.

Retailers carry a wide variety of vegan leather couches in different setups and added features but sometimes it’s nice to find a solid, reliable piece that’s suitable for your lifestyle. To make your decision easier, I’ve compiled eight faux-leather couches ranging in style, size, and price to find the perfect vegan leather couch for your home.

This list contains only couches without any leather, which is important as real leather is not vegan – and never will be.

Honbay Convertible Sectional Couch with Ottoman

This convertible sectional sofa seats 3 and comes in the classic L-shape to please everyone’s lounging style. Available in a sleek, classy black faux leather, it can support up to 600lbs. The faux leather is easy to clean and spruces with nicely with a quick wipe-down. The wooden frame is sturdy enough to support three adults.

Honbay has included an ottoman with an added storage compartment for blankets, magazines, or tech gear. The ottoman can also function as a comfortable bench or footrest. The smaller size of this couch makes it great for tight areas, corners, and apartments. A great feature of this couch is that it can be set up with the chaise-like side on the right or left.

So clearly it’s not only clothing items such as vegan leather boots or vegan leather gloves, that can provide both quality and style.

Size specs: 78.5”L, 55”W, 35”H

Pros: decent price for a sofa. Cleans easily, durable material, large ottoman for storage.

Cons: On the firmer side, cushions take a long time to fully inflate after shipping and unpacking.

Modway Valour Vegan Leather Tufted Couch

Modway offers a vegan leather couch with clean lines and an understated tufted seat. The beauty is in the details! This couch also comes with walnut legs and two bolster pillows to complete that mid-century style that has been making a comeback. This unit is easily assembled and ships in one box for convenience. It supports up to 881 lbs.

Size specs: 31.5”L, 73”W, 25-32.5” H

Pros: Simple clean look, isn’t overbearing in the home.

Cons: On the smaller side, doesn’t seat many people. Build quality isn’t great for price.

Best Choice Products Faux Leather Modern Couch

Ideal for small rooms, dorms, and apartments, Best Choice Products has equipped their futon sofa with two cup holders. The artificial leather is an attractive brown. Similar to your every-day futon, it can convert into a bed as needed when company stays over. The sofa has a 500 lb weight limit and easily seats two with removable arm pillows making the bed setup even easier. A beautiful, professional looking product that would be great for the office or home space.

Size specs: 30.5”L, 65.25”W, 31”H

Pros: Convertible to bed, professional appeal.

Cons: Not ideal for larger spaces and/or entertaining.

Giantex Floor Couch PU Leather

The Giantex floor couch is the unconventional option on the list. Made for leisure living with polyurethane leather, it acts as a floor-based vegan folding couch bed. The internal steel frame provides structure for long-term use. Awesome for small spaces, game rooms, and man caves, cleanup is easy.  

This two-seater is adjustable to 5 positions. If you’re looking for something that can stand up to hours of gaming and rowdy teenagers this sofa is it. The PU leather is cut resistant and waterproof. You know what is also waterproof? Many different vegan winter boots!

Size specs: 89”L, 43”W, 20.86”H

Pros: Comfortable, good length even for growing teens. No chemical odor.

Cons: Not meant for company/entertaining space, noted to be smaller than expected.

Ashley Ryler Modern vegan Leather Coach

Ashley’s Ryler Modern sofa is available in a toned down grey/steel color that is a welcome break from the other eye-catching options on the market. It’s a three-seater with weathered looking leather blend material and exposed metal feet. The light color makes it easy to incorporate into any space. The sofa arrives fully assembled.

Size specs: 38”L, 85”W, 37”H

Pros: Slightly more height than other sofas, extremely sturdy.

Cons: Higher priced product. Delivery service is inconsistent.

Baxton Studio Sorrento Mid-Century Faux Leather Coach

Another three-seater on the list, Baxton Studio has provided a vegan coach with a retro look reminiscent of a high-end lawyer’s office. It comes in a black faux leather with wooden frame and legs. The legs are angled for an understated stylish detail and the faux leather is button-tufted. This velvet polyester fabric is soft to the touch.

Size specs: 29.72”L, 71.26”W, 33.27”H

Pros: Wide seat. Great for public seating, office seating, or in-home.

Cons: Thin cushions, on the firmer side. Not for comfort lounging.

Honbay Faux Leather Sectional 4 Seater

Honby’s second couch is on the list for a reason: this company provides quality while still keeping in mind their customer’s lifestyles. In the familiar reversible L shaped design, this brown faux leather and wood sofa seats 4. Included is a moveable ottoman that can be attached at any point of the couch and provides storage space. The hook and loop design, tufted cushions keep them in place. This product includes gold studs in the tufting.

Size specs: 33.5”H, 101.6”W, 50”D

Pros: Quick delivery, largest size option, easy assembly.

Cons: Low seating, bottom cushions are thin.

Better Homes & Gardens Nola Sofa Bed

The last sofa on the list is a camel-colored vegan leather couch bed meant to make an impact. This sofa functions as both a futon and a sleeper when necessary.

With a wooden frame that converts quickly, the smaller size makes it great for turning tight spaces into functional spaces. Better Homes has also brought back that retro 1950s look with this design. The smooth upholstery has slightly weathered appearance, which is quite different from these modern vegan leather wallets.

Size specs: 78.5”L, 34”W, 32.5”H

Pros: Camel color is eye-catching, faux leather is soft and smooth.

Cons: Needs to be broken in before comfortable use.

No matter what look you’re going for, there is a surprising variety of vegan leather sofas, couches, and combo futons available on the market. Ranging in price, size, and style, it’s impossible to not be impressed by how far I’ve come with vegan products. You may also want to check out my list of the best vegan ankle boots, with a similarly large selection.

The three biggest things to keep in mind while you shop? Size, personal aesthetic, and functionality.

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