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5 Best Vegan Ankle Boots Brands | Vegan Leather Ankle Boots

Those who follow a vegan lifestyle not only make a cruelty-free food choice but also try to avoid objects that may have involved suffering or exploitation of an animal.

In fact, love and respect for animals and nature are not only expressed in nutrition but in a conscious and thoughtful choice of each product, from cosmetics to clothing.

And it is essential to recognize the commitment of those producers who certify their cruelty-free products to encourage the affirmation and distribution of these principles on a large scale, also when it comes to vegan ankle boots.

How to buy vegan ankle boots

Vegan ankle boots are made with materials of non-animal origin. So, no leather, wool, or silk. But there is more because there are also animal-derived adhesives and dyes. Obviously, in the case of vegan shoes, they must always be cruelty-free; no material used to create the shoe must come from an animal.

It seems easy, but it is not at all, also because the labels that declare the composition refer to 80% of the materials used, not to their totality. Most people know that leather is not vegan but you need to dig a little deeper.

Don’t confuse vegan shows with eco-friendly shoes. Companies specializing in vegan shows do not choose to protect animals and then pollute rivers and oceans with dyes and plastics but work to make all production as clean as possible.

However, not all vegan shoes are also eco-sustainable and “environmentally friendly.” The same principle applies to eco-sustainable shoes, which are not all vegan.

Best vegan ankle boots and brands without leather

It is often difficult to find a pair of vegan shoes that also fit our style and personal taste. This is even truer when it comes to boots. Let’s get inspired and see some of the most amazing vegan ankle boots currently on the market!

Vegan ankle boots from Novacas

Novacas is a vegan shoe company operated in Europe that creates products for both men and women. They have a stylish and unique style that has won over, since their opening, several tens of thousands of clients.  All Novacas ankle boots are manufactured in Western Europe to high ethical standards. They are priced like high-end leather shoes, starting at 150 euros for a pair of boots.

Where can you find their shoes? Easy: they are readily available on quite a few sites, among which Amazon and MooShoes.

One of the most successful models of Novacas is Carlotta Boots, made of microfiber vegan leather, which is water-resistant and durable, and a breathable microfiber lining. They include silver zipper closure and are made of EU Ecolabel certified materials. Lastly, they are manufactured ethically in Portugal.

Dr. Martens boots

Does preferring cruelty free shoes mean giving up the beloved Dr. Martens? Fortunately, not: the English brand offers some vegan models for sale on the site and also in physical stores. In addition, you can opt for the “wellies,” that is, the rubber boots (the ones that everyone, including celebs, wears to legendary festivals) that perfectly reproduce the legendary boots with, also, a touch of color (they even come in pink!).

Dr. Martens vegan leather ankle boots do not lack anything: they look identical to the shoes that generations of boys and girls have fallen in love with on every level of style and subcultures. The comforting news is that vegan shoes are also very successful. This was announced by the same company, which between 2017 and 2019 recorded an increase in sales of the eco-sustainable line of 279%.

Interest seems consistent, as the brand just reported 5% growth for 2019 The 1460 boots also exist in a vegan leather boots version, which is actually polyurethane. You can find them basically everywhere: Amazon included!

A flaw of the vegan offer signed by Dr. Martens? There is often little availability of numbers, even online, and there are still too few models and colors available. More models, please!

stella mcCartney vegan boots

The Stella McCartney collection was created by a designer who aims at eco-friendly fashion, and also offers a series of beautiful and vegan models: shoes with a fabulous design made without the use of leather, with wood from certified sustainable sources and bio rubber, of which 49% comes from renewable sources.

One of the most amazing Stella McCartney models that are part of her vegan collection is Trace ankle boots. Crafted from varnished synthetic leather, this lace-up pair comes with a black rubber sole with Vibram technology, which is also used in mountaineering footwear.

It even includes zip fastening on the side and a black and white branded pull tab on the heel. So it’s clearly not only vegan leather gloves, which can be bought in premium quality.

If you feel like some crazy shopping, you will find them at My Theresa.

Rombaut vegan shoes

Premium handcrafted shoes, as beautiful as sculptures, a marvel for the eyes, but with a soul. The Rombaut brand makes their shoes using only ecological materials and creating avant-garde shoes that are entirely eco-sustainable.

Rombaut shoes are, in fact, made of a unique material obtained from the bark of trees, taken in Uganda and dried and processed in Tuscany, to which Amazonian rubber is added to give resistance and impermeability.

Consequently, the final product does not contain any elements of animal origin and no potentially toxic components. The shoes are made in Italy by expert craftsmen. You’ll find them on their website.

Rombaut teamed up with the ethics firm Good On You to assist their clients in their conscious buying and created Hybrid boots, which we particularly recommend.

They are made of mesh fabric on the top and lacing in the front. They feature a round shape, a strap in the back, a ribbed rubber sole, and ankle length.  The materials are 100% Synthetic Leather and 100% rubber sole. If you are the sporty type, you may want to make a look at vegan Nike shoes or even some vegan Converse!

Beyond Skin shoes and boots

Fashionable shoes that respect the environment and animals. This is the motto of the new Beyond Skin footwear collection. The English brand, known for its ethical footwear, handmade and worn by VIPs such as Natalie Portman or Leonna Lewis, once again does not disappoint us.

Notably, we recommend the Phoenix, a black pull-on flat ankle boot. Handcrafted in Spain from soft vegan eco suede and featuring a classic round shape and a comfortable heel, this comfortable vegan is the perfect height and feels fantastic.

You can wear them with jeans or a pretty dress: you’ll have endless options. Although, recommend that you leave them at home, when trying out your new vegan golf gloves.

The heel is approximately 3cm wide and 10 cm high. The upper part is made of Vegan faux suede, they are water-resistant, and they are PETA approved vegan boots. You’ll find these amazing boots on their website.

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